Kamea’s Solstice Energy Update – Yuletide 2019

Hello, I know some time has passed since my last update and things have certainly been intense the last few months, and have definitely amped up for not only the end of the year, but the end of a decade as well.

So many things change in a decade. Ten years ago, I remember looking forward to December 12, 2012 and to Solstice on 12/21/12. We have actually come quite a long way!

The correspondences between the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the energy waves that have been arriving before and after those dates has continued to accelerate.

Our invisible guides, ascended masters, angels, and our ancestors are here to remind us that although there is a lot of hard work ahead, we have made great progress in turning up the notch on the Love frequency, lifting our own frequencies to match that of Gaia’s even as she has her days where she is vibrating at Schumann resonance rates of up to 100 Hz and even higher. The normal rate is 7-8 Hz but keeps rising as the magnetic North Pole is shifting over to the East and we celebrate the Light returning at the end of the second decade of this millenium. It didn’t begin spiking til around 2007-2008, to my recollection.

And right now we have the addition of Solar Eclipse energies to accompany this New Moon in Capricorn, which joins Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter for the Capricorn party of the year, accompanied by the incoming energies being transmuted into our hearts as the Christos flame, no matter the religion, but a spark of divinity within each of us.

Our heart fires are weaving the most beautiful tapestry at the enter and also all around the edges through and through, while what was begins to fade and pass away more quickly and that which is yet to come is upon us.

And since the birth of Jesus of Nazareth also happened to be yesterday, so many hearts cracked open just a little bit wider, and the Rainbow Bridge connected us in our global tapestry we are weaving in this new Now moment.

My own life has literally been transformed since beginning my studies towards becoming an Ayurvedic Wellness practitioner. I actually just finished up my semester after returning from a 4 day healing retreat weekend in St. Thomas and have become completely enchanted by this island.

Incoming cosmic rays are able to reach us more directly during eclipse season, since the magnetic poles weaken. We are all being affected by the great Shift and the turning of the Ages even if we believe in it not.

The Time is Now, and We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. The prophecies from around the world point to this Time we are in, this New Now Moment in the Longer Now. We are boundless, multidimensional Beings and have been given the keys for so very long, yet somehow it keeps getting hidden away again and again.

These keys are golden and they open the doors of our hearts, can be found in many places, but most importantly within. Within is where we must turn to discern truth from fiction in these strange days which prove George Orwell to have been a prophet, not just a great writer.

Spring water or energized filtered water and coconut water both help me on the days where my hair too gets tugged in a cosmic direction and my soul longs for Home and then I remember we’re here to bring the 5D into the 3D and we are creating Heaven on Earth. New Gaia is emerging as the Divine Feminine also rises and brings strength to our voices as we rise up and declare our sovereignty as human beings. And in standing up for the planet, for her waters as we walk into all these transformations, we are making our voices heard.

Stay creating, love one another, up the self- care and if you can find time for a nice bath with Epsom salts it helps a lot, or if you live where you can walk barefoot on the ground, some earthing helps tremendously with receiving these energies and transmuting ourselves and activating the crystal etheric strands of our inherent now awakened DNA. As always, any concerning physical symptoms should always be checked by a medical professional.

These incoming energies keep causing my ears to become clogged and itchy. My daily self oil massage with herbalized oils, yoga asanas and meditation are the foundation for my whole day and make all the difference in the world with how I feel all day. Even if I don’t get to my routine right away, like today when I needed extra rest after Christmas, so extra sleep was a great idea. But overall, I have improved my routine quite a bit and also have a car! I also have a fear of driving but am overcoming it with daily driving and it certainly changes my life immeasurably.

I have much much more to share with you, but right now is the time to spend with myself and then with my family some more.

May your holiday be blessed and your New Year be filled with Light, Love, Good Health and Abundance. Merry Christmas. Pax Noel. Om shanti shanti shanti.

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