Photon Belt Arriving

Ever since the Photon Belt began to radiate throughout the Milky Way, we have been having more rainbows around the Sun (Sundogs). I’ve been doing some research, and discovered Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleaides is our central sun behind our central sun for our solar system is being triggered and activated by the central sun behind it.

This process of Planetary Ascension is intense and is currently bringing up all sorts of emotions and physical symptoms for many. Even though Mercury is now direct, it is still in Cancer. We have to learn to nurture and love ourselves in order to nurture and love others. This is what we came here for. So despite the appearances of our current global situation fraught with so much corruption, greed, cruelty, injustice, war and destruction, there is a growing movement of spiritual warriors – Rainbow Warriors – and we are here to remind each other of this mission. And to rebuild New Earth based on compassion and healing with respect and love for all.

We are getting these waves of cosmic energy regularly now, wnd each time this elevates out vibrational frequency a bit more. The more we resist the incoming Light, the more symptoms we will experience. Pranayama breathing exercises help a lot, as do Epsom Salt baths, crystals, meditation, yoga, and good organic food eaten in a timely manner. Drink lots of emergized water!

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. I love you all.

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