Kamea Moonmaiden’s Energy Update

The last two months have literally zoomed by. The Equinox Full Moon in Libra opened up a portal through which huge amounts of cosmic energy has entered, illuminating each and every living being on this planet with Chitta, which is concentrated Prana, or conscious breath.

And ever since, we have been experiencing several episodes of solar wind issuing forth from a large coronal hole in the Gaia facing direction of the Sun, which is in a quiescent phase right now.

The recent Full Moon in Libra, second in one month and directly before Easter Sunday, re-opened the same portal, bathing us all in lovely Christ light. I’ve been drawn to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene quite a bit lately, and had an Arcturian Reiki healing session with a new friend who also resonates strongly with Magdalene energy. She told me July 19, my birthday, is Magdalene’s Day. So more cosmic synchronicities.

And guess what? In September I will be teaching a workshop in Ayurvedic Women’s Health at the Starseed World Festival in New Haven, Missouri. Very exciting. .

I am also enrolled in a crystal healing course, but won’t be immersing in that until after clinicals at the end of May.

More and more folks are waking up around the planet each day now. These are definitely the times we have been waiting for, so it is essential to love ourselves as we are, while at the same time encouraging ourselves to improve and move forward and onward through every challenge, with the power of Love and Light leading us every step of the way.

This means listening carefully to the body and tending to its needs tenderly, replacing bad habits with good habits, eating healthy foods, following a good routine. Yoga and meditation work wonders for me. Whatever exercise or type of mindfulness practice that helps you is what is right for you, so keep at it, or return to it if that is your current status quo.

Many Rainbow blessings of Love and Light to you. May your path be filled with peace, love, harmony and healing. May you enjoy star filled nights and sunny days. May you bless each watershed and each soul who crosses your path.

In this manner, we walk collectively into the New Earth. With open hearts and open minds, we BEcome the Rainbow Bridge connecting Heaven amd Earth. Look within and you will see that it is so.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Licensed Massage Therapist

Associate’s Degree in Humanities

Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing

Graduate Student in Maharishi. AyurVedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine Program

Starseed, Poet, Healer, Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend

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