The Returning Light

Things certainly have changed drastically for this woman since beginning this blog a little over three years ago. So many lessons of love and heartbreak and challenges and healing. I am in a much better space with more flow, and even have a washer and dryer now. I had to go to the laundromat when living at Emerald Greens, and with the steep outdoor concrete slab steps and my back and neck it was extremely challenging.

So I started my balcony garden. And then every day I would go water and tend to my morning glories and other plants. And share photos of the morning sun shining through them with my FB friends around the world. Plus I created a couple little faerie gardens, one of which is shown above.

Took me a minute to get into grad school as I had to pay for my last class (Native American Philosophy) without financial aid, and as I fell behind twice and all the fines and additional court costs added up, took me four years, but with the help of my little sister once I had my balance down to something manageable, finally paid it off and then began my admission process to Maharishi University of Management.

Receiving my acceptance letter was a great moment, and I began planning for my future. After being taught Transcendental Meditation in August just before school began, am now meditating with my classmates every Saturday and this course is just wonderful. Soon I will be giving lectures on the AyurVedic approach to Women’s Health, and now I know wellness protocols for many issues and disorders in cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. Also mental health. Meditation is very good for any type of imbalance or physical and or emotional/mental challenge.

The other grad school I had wanted to go to is Pacifica Graduate Institute, but it is very expensive, whereas MUM is a nonprofit, which is the type of healing center I plan to help open someday. Plus we are studying about herbs, and so many aspects of daily living, and pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Maharishi AyurVedic Light and Gemstone Technology and Vedic Astrology, lots and lots of herbology and yoga too. With two interactive classes per week, it’s a lively and peaceful course at the same time. Miraculous, really.

Oh, and since I began practicing Transcendental Meditation, my oldest son, who is nearly blind, whom I have mentioned to you before, now has almost 100 days of sobriety. And going strong. This is the biggest blessing a mother can dream of. I found him a treatment center in Florida and he took the bus out there last November. And he remembered what a great singer he is, for they had a karaoke there at the center and he gained a lot of admiration and friendship and applause singing Sublime cover songs (and lots of other bands).

He has eczema, which is actually the cause for him being nearly blind. And I am making some lotion for him this week; finally have all the ingredients – shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerin and several kinds of oil. No alcohol. It stings him. I make some ground up oatmeal for the bath, just like Aveenobath, but about ten times cheaper (if not more).

He’s healing, and I am healing and learning to let go. And be better about my daily routine. And cutting out bad habits and replacing them with good ones. I quit smoking cigarettes yet again about 3 1/2 weeks ago after a year and a half of unfortunately smoking them again. But I had been vaping lightly for four years and that’s part of the reason I picked up the habit again, but also I was at a low point in my life where it seemed like it helped, lol. No. Nicotine does not help anxiety.

I made some huge mistakes other than smoking cigarettes again as well, and got my heart broken and was at a point in my life where I began to really loathe myself again like I did as a teen, or perhaps it was just that I became a lot more aware of the self loathing I was still holding onto deep inside of myself despite knowing that it’s self love that sets us free.

So anyways, I am gaining weight again now that those coffin nails aren’t clinging to me. I got pretty sick, so it was actually

easy this time. I did use the nicotine patch a few times and have them on hand in case I start fiending.

I’m two and one half years past being in pain management, although there is still pain, but not suffering as now I know more about the herbs which help me. Just began taking some excellent blends carefully concocted by Maharishi AyurVedic Wellness Practitioners and have begun my son on them as well. Feeling quite a bit better after just one week.

Spring is in the air, birds are singing outside my window and my young car Persephone is resting at my feet. Life is good, I am single and love that for the most part and just feeling super thankful that the Light is returning and have made it through another long winter. Although our winters are mild compared to so many of you, the temperature is so unstable that there’s no chance to acclimate. It might be 24 degrees for three days in a row and then soar back up to 80! It happens frequently here in Oklahoma.

May peace be with you, my friends. Peace of mind, body, heart and spirit. Everlasting peace and love to wrap you up in a rainbow bubble, keeping you anchored to the golden crystal grid of Gaia and as an important part of the Rainbow Bridge.

Just thinking about you all this morning and wanted to share a bit about what’s been going on during my sabbatical. I love you all. Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Massage Practitioner, Reiki healer, grad student in Maharishi AyurVedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine program


  1. Thanks for sharing so deeply., dear one. I am proud of you and your recovery! I just ordered Chellis Glendilling’s book about recovery from Western civilization (used on Amazon) because that is the core addiction we are all suffering from. What a time we are living in where we can identify the sick culture we live in and stop blaming ourselves!

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    Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. —Oscar Wilde



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