Kamea Moonmaiden’s Energy Update

Hello again, how have you been handling the recent incoming waves of energy? We’re right in the middle of a series of five full moons in a row which occur at 0 degrees. This helps us all tap into the Sacred Geometry of Zero, and access that zero point technology within ourselves.

This is a good time to hold on to your amethyst crystals or orgonite, because they help absorb EMF debris, and there’s more and more of that all the time, especially where the networks have transitioned to 5G. Neutralizing the effects of that 5G wifi with energetic shields and also asking that it not be installed near you, or at the very least no smart meter and turn the WiFi router off at night. Or at least turn off all the devices. And I am on a Kindle Fire right now, lol.

This latest wave has knocked me flat and the Ascension related symptoms I’ve been

having include shoulder and neck issues, body aches and pains, headaches, stomach issues (which are getting better with Sattvic (pure) good food, medicinal spices and herbs), and some anxiety and insomnia. Long crystal sound healing baths with Epsom salts and essential oils and candle light are wonderful. I enjoy pretending to be a mermaid or the Lady in the Water, from the Blue World. Which is so different from this world. And since my thirties, I have to be completely submerged in water at least once a day. Just got a filter for the tub to filter out the chlorine in the water as I am chemically sensitive. And chlorine isn’t good for anyone at all.

Now while all the planets are still direct is a great time for straightening out our lives, moving forward with open hearts and open minds, feet firmly planted on the ground, united with all Lightworkers and healers around the planet. This is a great time for starting heart centered businesses as well, which will be the norm in the days to come.

A little over two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus planted a seed of Light into the 3D humanity’s blueprint matrix. This seed has grown and grown and now, in the days of the Holy Shift, Christ has returned within our hearts, showing us the way within ourselves, so we can work from that zero point of stillness and all work together to find workable, sustainable solutions to the issues facing humanity today. We can do this, deep in my core I have faith we already are. Know in your hearts that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. And our greatest protection is remaining heart centered as we continue to heal ourselves, peel off more and more layers, forgive ourselves and others straight down to the core and truly truly love ourselves fully. In this manner the love we give to the world is a love coming from this beautiful space of self love and not a space of martyrdom. It’s time to really truly heal our deepest wounds, tame our inner dragons, and get in touch with our wildish natures. Getting out in Nature helps so much with the healing process, for Nature has everything we need for recharging our batteries.

We are each capable of so much love once we learn to forgive ourselves and others so we can see face to face who we really are. No more looking through the glass darkly. Let the Light shine from our hearts and souls and eyes.

My daily Transcendental Meditation practice is now the foundation of my life. I still do guided meditations, but my time in the quiet stillness of my own mind, after becoming settled and after transcending my personal mantra is the most refreshing and rejuvenating time which prepares me for being the best possible version of myself each day. And – since I began practicing this truly effortless form of meditation, my grown kids who were struggling have made enormous leaps and bounds in recovery, and for that, this mama is so thankful.

An Aryuvedic Wellness page is coming soon, and even though I won’t be able to perform pulse diagnosis online, I can help guide people with many different health issues towards more vibrant health with just knowing your current constitution and daily routine. I will be a certified gut health coach by the end of this semester. And what I am learning is that most imbalances are directly linked to our digestion, which is why that is always addressed first. I love Ayurveda so much. It recognizes the interconnection of all the bodily systems and to each other and to All of Nature and the Cosmos. So it rocks.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you. And wherever you are in your healing journey, give yourself a pat on the back because you are transforming, transmuting and transcending. We all are, my friends, we are all radiance beings of Light, all Rays in the Rainbow Bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. And we are bringing 5D into 3D, Heaven into Earth, and we do this by loving, by laughing, by meditating, by praying, by ceremony, by dancing, by intentions, by creating works of art, poetry, prose and literature, plays and scripts, by reading and adoring and sharing and caring and by educating ourselves. In this way, we bring Peace to Earth.

Blessed be.

©Kamea Moonmaiden


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  1. Kami, I want to talk with you when you complete your certification, or before if you have any helpful info about SIBO which I have been struggling with for several years. Do they teach about this in class?

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    Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. —Oscar Wilde



    • We’re getting to the digestive system next month. So far have covered cardiovascular, respiratory, women’s health, musculoskeletal and mental health this semester.

      I’m seeing a gastroenterologist myself right now, have read about SIBO and the medications they’re using to treat it, including biologicals.

      What I do know right now is that the medicinal spices fennel and Coriander are quite soothing, along with daily organic cold pressed aloe vera juice. It sounds like a Pitta related imbalance, so the goal will be to pacify your Pitta and your Vata (it’s only because I know you and your age that I would know that, but you seem like a Pitta person to me). So a light Pitta diet with Vata restrictions and daily Triphala (amilaki, haritaki, bibhitaki).


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