Happy Birthday, Blog (Belatedly)

Three years ago last week I finally got the courage and had the time to start my first blog. My first blog post was about taking the time to heal. I was in pain management at the time, but with guided visualizations and meditations and my own inner meditations, DNA activations, energy transmissions, Reiki healings, prayers, Hatha Yoga, CBD, supplements, following my intuition, coloring mandalas, and an attitude of thankfulness and determination to get better, I got off the pain medicine over two years ago.

I’m living in a bigger space and in grad school, studying Maharishi AyurVedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine, and am currently about to begin wellness consultations as a student of this incredible and amazing program. This program is consciousness based and combines lifestyle recommendations including daily routine, yoga, daily Transcendental Meditation, a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, medicinal spices, herbs, in house purification and rejuvenation techniques (Panchakarma), aromatherapy, Vedic vibrations, Vastu living and Light and gemstone technology.

Did you know Ayurveda is over six thousand years old? Feeling so blessed to have been accepted into this program! We have interactive class by Zoom twice a week and on campus clinicals two weeks a year. I will be going in June and am making preparations this week.

Anyway, I have also been doing massages and babysitting, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing here lately, plus transforming is so much work. And I got sick despite making lifestyle changes. I started smoking cigarettes again about a year and a half ago, against my better judgement, and it took me over a year to quit again, but I finally successfully did quit, nine days ago. After getting so sick I had to go to the hospital for help and take medications for a whole week including antibiotics. Anyway, that was the final straw. I was ashamed and disgusted with myself and knew it was completely contrary to my goal of achieving and maintaining perfect health.

So now I am a nonsmokers again, and feeling so much better already. I have to pace myself, though, for a life long trend has been to overdo it when feeling better, to the point of self injury (although unwittingly). Failure to delegate and love of housework and being stubborn and a perfectionist all contributed to the chronic challenges. I have a wonderful counselor with whom I am working on those issues.

Anyway, I have missed you and love reading what you have been working on lately. Just shared my Energy Update and about to level up this blog and replace my widgets, not sure how they disappeared!

Many blessings of the stars and moon and Sun to you!


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