Kamea’s Birthday Energy Update

Hello, I know I have been away for quite some time. It’s been quite a year of discovery, working on layers of shadow and setbacks, love and heartbreak, healing and Light, as the multidimensional nature of our existence in this planet becomes apparent to more and more people every single day.

Right here. And right now. In this breath, and this heartbeat, where all the healing is. When we surrender our fears about the future based on our experiences from the past from which we have not healed, we walk in Grace. We experience what Eckhart Tolls calls The Longer Now, a book I read seventeen years ago, which was so eye opening I still vividly recall suddenly experiencing being my own silent witness watching this human woman I am now embodying, reading a book recommended to me by a dear spiritual friend and mentor who looked at my charts and let me know I had a role to play in humanity’s Ascension process.

The energies have been off the chart this July, with recent spikes in the Schumann resonance up to 60 and even higher. This can make many of us feel wobbly, have trouble sleeping or feel the need for excess sleep, upset stomachs, headaches and body pains as we react to the reformation of our DNA from basic carbon structure to twelve strand crystalline structure. All that was stored from trauma must come up to be cleared away.

We are each exactly where we need to be to learn the lessons we came here to learn. Letting go of judgments and recognising our common humanity is an essential part of this journey. Planting these seeds of love, peace and cooperation ensures that our children and our children’s children will walk in the Longer Now always, and the Golden Age will reign on Gaia. Our Light will so shine throughout the Universe to guide lost star travelers back to the place where Light shone so much on Darkness that Duality came to an end.

Today is my 56th birthday. And also, coincidentally, the day all the planets have decided to line up on one side of the sun. We also have six planets in retrograde. There’s a lot going on, but mainly right now I am focusing on the Sun in Cancer trine the Moon in Scorpios, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Pisces and for me a long bath was essential, along with listening to dolphins and whales. Cetaceans have always had the most soothing effect on me. A doctor once prescribed me a cetacean mind link tape in lieu of taking Librium, for I was pregnant and determined to nurse my baby. It helped me a lot. That was 23 years ago!

I have some good news to share before tending to other things. I have been accepted in the Master of Science program at the Maharishi University of Management and will become a certified Aryuvedic practitioner!!!

Since healing is my thing, I will be working on my own brand of western celestial herbalism mixing Aryuvedic principles with crystals and astrology and the essential oils are already a part of this. In addition, I love working with angels and feel guided to do angelic healings, for I have been attuned many times by Reiki masters and have recently been listening to lots of guided transmissions by Steve Nobel on YouTube.

I promise to be more organized and provide more links, it’s taking me some time to become functional again, but doing much better!

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you from Kamea Moonmaiden.

Remember, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!!!



    • I would love that, Da. I currently trade massage with a young woman who has her own essential oil line, Eventide Aromatics, but she doesn’t have all the oils I need, like frankincense, for example.

      Thanks so much!


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