Kamea’s Energy Update

Wow, it’s taken me a minute to return, for being geosentient with so many earth changes has presented numerous blessings and challenges for this woman, Trickster coming to dance more than once. Now the Sun is in my Sun sign, and just before we enter the eclipse season of July, the energies have abated enough that there’s a breathing space, which is a good thing as we won’t have another until after the partial lunar eclipse on July 10.

The waves of energy reached a never before heard of peak the other day, as Solstice energies combined with some geomagnetic storms and a huge spike in the Schumann resonance of Gaia up to over 60! (Google Schumann resonance, I will share link later, am lazy right now). These recent months have presented the most wonderful opportunities for shadow work! My own shadow has surprised me with some emotional outbursts when I thought my buttons had been defused. But no. Getting close to the core now, more and more of us recognizing our true multidimensional nature. Think about it. We are made of the same stuff as the stars and the entire universe. Our Creator, Mother/Father God, Source, is the intelligent cosmic force which brought about all the universes and dimensions, and each of us is a holographic speck of the same Source. When we surrender our fears and embrace forgiveness and gratitude every day, and recognize our Oneness with All Of Creation, it becomes effortless to turn deeper and deeper within, within where all the healing in all the world is.

Right here and right now. In this breath and this heartbeat.

Been working with the archangels a lot lately, calling on Rafael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron and Sandalphon to fill me with light, protection, inspiration, healing, grounding to tbe crystalline core of Gaia, and full of cosmic light with each breath.

We are brilliant beyond our wildest imaginings, and ordinary human beings at the same time. Ordinary human beings capable of miracles and capable of creating this New Earth we are given.

Boundaries are one of the biggest lessons Coyote has taught me, is teaching me. Bringing myself into my lower chakras and healing and balancing all my chakras and releasing other people’s energies has helped so much, still much to do. As an empath with six grown kids and having had the tendency to take in their closest friends from time to time, some for years during adolescence, and one foster child who was raised with my kids from age 9 on, I took on a lot of other’s energies. Injured by several incidents as a young adult and in childbirth, I limped through the years with a heat pack strapped to my side and on medications in order to even be able to walk or sit up. So many surgeries too. Clearing out all the layers from all those years, despite having been given tools, thankfully many tools, to help me through it, has been an enormous task, with plenty of setbacks but so many miracles!

Having held hands with six million people for Hands Across America, with thousands for the Om Circle at National Rainbow Gatherings, having been to peace marches and Love-Ins growing up, and having been blessed to rebirth with Leonard Orr’s close friends and sing songs for love and peace for humanity near My. Shasta as a teen, it’s been shown to me the amazing light and power we have and how this expands exponentially when we are united.

As the winds of change blow all that is corrupt away, always search for the Truth within. There are many false gurus out there. As Leonard Orr always said, “Be your own guru.” Drink lots of water and lots and lots of self love, and always love they neighbor as thyself.

Angels, angels everywhere, if you call on them they will come to you.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you. Deep peace of the shining stars to you. Moon and stars always holding light for you.

Om Shanti. Amen. Blessed be.

Kamea Moonmaiden


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