Deepest Faith and Mysticism

Happy Vernal Equinox, my friends! Big shift in gears as the sun leaves dreamy, watery Pisces and moves into fiery, demonstrative Aries. Masculine and Feminine energies balance as day and night are equal, zero point now.

I have been saying many prayers for humanity, for so many are suffering as we go through this shift. I have deep faith that our Mother/Father Creator God is continually with us, supporting us in every way, for as we embrace Christ Consciousness, we shine our Creator’s Love and Light for all to see.

Some get caught up in the semantics. I remember what Serendipity said about prayer in the movie Dogma, “When are you people going to get it? It isn’t how you pray, it’s THAT you pray.” Sometimes I may refer to the Universe itself as the Creator, only because of a tiny glimpse of the holographic universe and inner journeys which reveal that within are the same universes and dimensions as well. We are each holograms of the universe.

Every day is a fresh opportunity to meditate and pray. The goal is to live life as a continual prayer. The Lord’s prayer, the 23rd Psalm and Hail Mary’s are my go to favorites. Om Namaha Shivaya my favorite mantra. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin my favorite expression of brotherhood and interconnectedness which I learned at Lakota ceremonial sweats, In La’kesh, the ancient Yukatan Mayan expression meaning, “I am another you” also a favorite.

Every moment is an opportunity to embrace the sacred. Each breath and each heartbeat are holy.

Being raised with respect for many religions was still an upbringing which focused on Christianity, but more of an esoteric type than that found in the Methodist Church I was originally baptised in, my perspective is rather unique.

The Holy Order of M.A.N.S. we attended four years, during which time we were baptised, illuminated, prayed a LOT, gave up saying “I” “me” and “my” for Lent once, and we were taught deep esoteric truth about Jesus of Nazareth and his life. We received communion every Sunday.

The brothers and sisters of the Order used to fearlessly walk the streets of Albuquerque to being the Light to people during the long dark nights of summer. My mama took me with her to a week long retreat and workshop in Wyoming when I was eleven years old. This was a deeply profound learning experience. Developed a crush on bearded hippies who resembled the images I saw of Jesus because of my deep love for him.

Reading about the apparitions of Mary became a favorite past time of mine around the same age, and the following year we moved to Albuquerque, where we were enrolled in St. Mary’s School. Lots of Roman Catholic influence along the way as well.

I love Jesus and Mary with all my heart. During rebirthing at a One Year Seminar with Leonard Orr in Los Angeles back in 1983, they both appeared to me and filled me up with Spirit, yet again. For during rebirthing at Campbell Hot Springs in 1981, again with the Leonard Orr group (got to meet Sondra Ray too!), my Kundalini was awakened while singing songs of love and peace for all humanity on a mountain top not too far from Mt. Shasta, which I believe is the location of the heart chakra of Gaia.

Once when living with my grandma and ex husband and our family of five kids, a major disagreement arose which had me seeking peace and understanding. So I went in the back yard to pray. This was in 1994. And the voice of Jesus whispered to me, “My peace I give you. The peace which passeth understanding” and it seemed as if the giant Oak tree just outside the deck I was standing on was totally responsive to these words of comfort and participated in pouring peace over and through me, its huge branches almost seemed to etherically embrace me, while its mighty roots helped anchor me to this strange planet where I always felt like an alien.

Then there was the miracle of my son Nicolas, who nearly died and pulled through as literally hundreds of us were praying, exactly at that moment when his father and I had just prayed in the NICU while I held my hand on my sweet baby’s tiny leg, then straight to the chapel we went, then to my room and had just begun pumping my milk when the nurse came running in to tell us he was breathing against the respirator!

I’ve been to National Rainbow Gatherings and Hands Across America and have held hands with literally millions of people in an act of love and service to humanity and what an amazing feeling that is!

I am here to tell you that we are each here for a reason. And we each have that Christos flame within us. What brave, amazing souls we are to have returned to this planet at this time! For Earth is not an easy place to be sometimes. And if we don’t get the lessons we came here to learn, we will keep coming back and repeating them until we do.

There are times I wish to go back home so badly! Sometimes I say things like, “But I don’t like this planet, why is there so much violence?” But when I see the Christ in every person I meet, I step off the wheel of karma and walk in Grace. This always, always works.

Once I prayed for the rain to reverse itself and it did. At the Woody Guthrie Festival. Of course, there were a couple thousand folks there who wanted it to stop since the Red Dirt Rangers followed by Judy Collins were to perform in the Fields of Plenty.

And I was accompanied by my daughter and a very dear friend, with our kids and her two month old baby boy, whom I had had the blessing of helping deliver just one block from the h house where Woody Guthrie had been born! So many factors at play that night, which couldn’t be repeated because the magic was given to us as an act of true Serendipity.

The reverse rain dance I did came through me, perhaps triggered by the memory of the Navajo medicine man who taught us the rain dance in Campbell Hot Springs all those years ago and it rained with our tiny Champ all the way from Northern California across the Mojave Desert to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At the Rainbow Gathering 9,000 feet up in the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico, tens of thousands of us prayed for peace and for a rainbow, and for the rain to stop and not only did the rain stop and a rainbow given, it was the most magnificent long lasting double rainbow ever witnessed. God was talking to us on that mountain. People of so many faiths all celebrating together, following a morning of silence and our twenty minute OM circle, hand in hand around the meadow.

But a humble servant here, a respite from the internet for a while has helped me remember why I came here and focus on what I can do to serve!

Keep shining, my friends! These are the days and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Not the little “we” but our Divine “we.”

Which is rising in you and me.

Faith and Mysticism helps us see we are so much more than we were ever taught we could be. Except for a few blessed souls whose parents taught them to be free, to believe in miracles, in peace, love and harmony as our only true destiny.

Blessed be, my friends, blessed be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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