Kamea’s Energy Update

Peeling back the layers and working on our shadows has not only been intense, it’s just getting more and more intense. Mercury goes retrograde this week and the Vernal Equinox is tomorrow, marking the first day of the astrological year as well as the first day of Spring.

We are uploading healing energy from the crystal core and grid of Gaia and downloading healing energy from the stars, from Source, at the same time. Perched at such a pivotal moment in history, it can be a bit scary at times as so much is changing before our eyes. We are unraveling, individually and collectively.

As a first wave Starseed and a Moonmaiden, the intensity of the incoming energies with each astrological transit, with each eclipse and each equinox and solstice are felt quite viscerally, and sometimes throws me off my feet for a couple of days.

Insomnia and feelings of light headedness, along with some chest pains, anxiety and ancient grief surfacing along with upset stomach and body aches and pains are common. Many more physical symptoms can present as well, for it’s unique for each of us.

Yoga, getting out in Nature, drinking lots of water, nice salt baths with Lavender or Eucalyptus oil and a nice large quartz crystal, affirmations and meditations are all quite helpful.

We’re all multidimensional beings. Meditation for me opens up my inner portals, as we are each portals to limitless universes. And we exist in all these dimensions and all our incarnations simultaneously. Here we are, at the turning of the Ages, still here and absorbing more solar energy each day. Solar and photonic energy. If we hadn’t successfully passed through the 12/21/2012 portal we would have all been consumed by flames by now.

Honoring each part of the journey, giving thanks for our blessings, getting out of our own way and relaxing into our true, free, limitless selves as we let go of our egos is essential, for we must love ourselves and forgive ourselves for all that was less than love.

And we must also ask for forgiveness and forgive all others. If we find that impossible, we will stay stuck. Not forgiving is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Plant flowers, vegetables, practice random acts of kindness. Remember that love is letting go of fear. For the Universe knows our needs and always provides.

We are never truly alone.

Namaste. Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. Om Shanti.

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