Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul for February 28, 2018

Well, we just had a wonderful full moon in Virgo Thursday with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron all in Pisces, so it’s water, water, everywhere! All of these planets are squaring Mars, which is bringing in a bit of angst, so going with the flow of the river is especially helpful right now.

Virgo is about business, being down to earth and getting sh**t done. Pisces is about the never-ending party, but also about spirituality and unconditional love. Pisces is a full rainbow spectrum, everything from the top to the bottom, the youngest to the oldest. Everything comes out of Pisces, the cosmic dream, comes down through Aries and the following five signs, which are all subjective. These signs are all below the horizon. After Virgo, which is the initiation of Leo (self), into Libra (partnership and other people), which is where the moon is moving into today. This is about transpersonal relationships, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, in and out, inhale ~ exhale. The first part of Pisces is innocence, naivete, without boundaries, talking to faeries and angels, it’s all about freedom. It’s about self, just like as a baby when all the focus of attention was on us, to make sure our needs were met, Pisces takes us through this journey. And with Jupiter in Scorpio creating a grand trine with so many planets, along with them squaring Mars, the important thing to remember is to avoid escapism, over self-indulgence without being awake or paying attention to the impact our thoughts, deeds and actions have on other people.

As usual, Tom has much more to say about this week’s forecast, which is so worth taking the twenty minutes to watch:

We take in the dream, the fantasy and the infinite potential, then through Virgo we start to serve, we start to give, and then it’s not all about me, my number of gadgets, my likes on FB, it starts to come around and it’s about humility, devotion to spirit, egolessness. The mature space is service, the ability to sacrifice, the ability to lift everyone else. When we heal our inner wounds and see that it’s not about ourselves as separate entities, but it’s about the oneness and unity of all creation. What goes around comes around, and the more I give, the more comes back. THe ultimate Piscean expression is ecstasy.

This week’s mantra:
There’s a tremendous amount of damage and pain that can result in just being free, as the path to liberation is teaching me that love is not all about me.

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