Song of a Mulberry Tree

Love the music of plants and trees. Been so busy re-inventing my life, but tomorrow is a day off, first in a while. Been doing lots of yoga and earthing, and working on my balcony garden, which is lovely to sit by and just enjoy the energy of the plants. Two fairy gardens this year, but waiting in pictures til I fix my cellphone. Accidentally smashed the screen. Three times. During Mercury retrograde.

I think it was Nature’s plan to get me to leave that phone alone most of the time. But taking pictures with it is useful.

Almost Summer Solstice! After sleeping, going to make note of what’s going on cosmically.

I learned today that coriander essential oil helps with neuromuscular difficulties. Good to know! I am learning more about oils and also collecting them. New batch coming in tomorrow, gave a massage in exchange for them today.

Love this time of year. Growing things makes me so happy.

Well, I am cleaning up my blog and found this in my saved posts, and have moved into a townhouse with two Mulberry trees in the backyard! Posts with pictures of my faerie dwelling and garden to come soon.

I have been juggling so many different tasks and projects and experiences. Soon I will be beginning my Master’s program in Maharishi Aryuvedic Science and Integrative Medicine, enabling me to improve my skills as a healer as full time massage will never be an option for me again. Incidentally, 20 massages a week is full time, because it takes time to prepare for each one.

Herbs, crystals, oils, astrology, meditation, energy healing, natural remedies, poetry and literature are my true loves. Space Weather and human rights, especially those of the disenfranchised, of women and children, are also topics I am passionate about. And the way I am going to pull all these interests together is by becoming a spiritual doula and provide pregnant women with guided meditations, prenatal massage videos, angelic transmissions, for I have been receiving many of those lately and have a real calling, and advice as to the best crystals, essential oils, and herbs to use during the most important time in any woman’s life.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!

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