Kaypacha’s Astrology For The Soul, March 15, 2017

This week Kaypacha begins his talk with some wonderful mythological lore focusing on Kali, Venus, and Mercury. With Venus in Aries and retrograde, we are going through some deep inner searching. Kali is both creator and destroyer, pure energy, sweeping away the old so we can usher in the new.

The Moon is in Scorpio still today (I am a day behind, please forgive me), and will be moving on into joyful Sagittarius tomorrow. The sun has only a few days left in Pisces – that Pisces party is almost all the way over. Mercury has joined Venus in Aries, giving us energy to get out there and get things done. Also, Venus in retrograde brings us power for revolution, so continuing that good peaceful demonstrating and writing letters and signing petitions, making our voices heard, is essential right now. Luckily Mars has moved on into stable Taurus, which is quite a nice compliment to the intensity going on. The planets are here to guide us, show us what to do and how to progress with our evolution. Birthing ourselves into our new world, where peace will reign supreme!

We are reaching the end of this year’s zodiac cycle, and not only that, we are at the end of a two thousand year age, and the end of a galactic cycle which spans thousands and thousands of years. Saturn in Sagittarius is very near the galactic center right now – the black hole at the center of our galaxy which emits lots and lots of radiation, especially infra-red. Not to mention the x-ray blast it sent us about a year and a half ago before the super blood moon just after the autumnal equinox in 2015.

Soooo, right now we are in the process of letting go of the old – and opening ourselves to new relationships, new jobs, new attitudes. We have to de-frag our minds so that new and healthy files can be uploaded. Same thing with our devices! I am currently working on this project. It takes a lot of time!

As always, Kaypacha is spot on and so worth watching! I must confess that I watch the update at least two times every week. Once while writing some notes or taking them mentally, and once to enjoy with a friend. This week I simply did the mental note taking and added some of my own thoughts while typing it out. He’s amazing! I find it very helpful.

This week’s mantra: I need to ask the question,
then sit still and listen
to life’s new proposition
for my evolution.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!

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