Van Gogh, Art, Amazing Women

Art is wonderful. Not only for the elite. Art enriches our souls, which makes our body temples pleased. The National Endowment for the Arts should not be abolished, nor should PBS.

Personally, I have never spent 4-5 hours a day before reading news articles and watching clips and signing and sharing petitions and doing my best to keep up with baffling, mind boggling events currently unfolding, but I am now. I will not mention any of the names of the administration on my blog, but am learning many of them quickly as there are so many scandals each week – using my FB page for that. I will stand up for human rights, for freedom of speech, for individuality, and I am so pleased to see us coming together, organizing and rising. International Women’s Day was highly recognized and I am proud to be a woman.

So I share art by a man. Forgive me, but he is one of my all time favorites and this caught my eye. Be back with some Georgia O’Keeffe, relevant to both the Arts and to feminism.

And an article about female revolutionaries.

And another about the raging grannies.

My stream of consciousness blog post for Saturday. Working on some projects! And the number one project is healing this body. Funny how anniversaries can trigger physical symptoms when our emotions are still healing.

It’s now one year and ten days. since the love of my life moved away. And my mama’s birthday four days ago. And my daughter was taken away right about this time last year.

All our four bodies – spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical, are intrinsically interconnected.

Every day is quite day to celebrate women – and men – living together in peace, love and harmony. It’s time to make that dream a reality.

Ho, siSTERS of the rainbow living light!!!!!



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