Coffee break


The Wee Folk Players are back with another installment in the American Drama Series.This week’s episode is set in a cozy mid-century style kitchen and stars the Leading Man and his Alt-Right Hand Man.

Opening Scene: The morning sun streams in the window, as two men have a heart-to-heart over percolated coffee. Waxing philosophical about the meaning of life, they discuss their favorite books and share hopes and dreams for the future:
Leading Man: “Is it all going according to plan?”
Alt-Right Hand Man: “Yes, the deconstruction of the administrative state is underway.”


During the break, the actors complained about the stale white bread, remarking that they prefer a healthy diet of fresh multi-grain and pumpernickel slices.


The prop team scoured second hand stores for nostalgic items to dress the kitchen set, evoking an earlier, simpler time. To complete the scene, they also procured a copy of Alt-Right Hand Man’s instruction…

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