Between Eclipses

Double eclipse energy sure does hit with a bang! Especially when the whole world has gone what seems to be completely mad. Reading the news has become an obsession because each day there are so many different shocking events going on that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. It is impossible to completely keep up. Exhausting and draining. And right now I am breaking my no wifi during the night rule. But that’s okay, because I am alone right now and will turn it off after visiting some of you, something much more rewarding than just reading the news.

Pretty strange the light that the news is being depicted in now. It all seems so strange that I had definitely pondered the idea that the experiments at Cern with the LHC or Large Hadron Collider messing around with particles of matter and anti-matter may have catapulted us into an alternate universe. I may have mentioned it on social media and definitely talked about it – but how funny it was to read an article today assuring the world that the experiments at Cern did NOT throw us into an alternate universe, but there is a new conspiracy theory about it:


Anywho, a person can fantasize, right?

I will be back soon – the energy has amped up and is only going to intensify, so listen, listen, listen to the body. For we are all radiant beings of Light walking around in these golden temples. When these temples seem not to be so golden, we need to listen more carefully.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you all. I love you.



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