Hang On, Be Strong

Though the world
appears to be broken,
and it may seem
like a sinking ship,
humanity has spoken,
and we won’t give
up quite just yet.

Though the world
can be oh so
painful, it too,
is filled with
so much beauty,
through and through.

So we shall embrace
our neighbors,
take care of our kin,
for we don’t know yet
what tomorrow brings.
Love always outweighs fear
and makes our hearts sing,
while hate looks for new
ways to permeate
our modern culture,
like a tired old hungry
outdated scraggly vulture.

It’s Love that we
always return to
and so, we plant
seeds of Love now for
our new world
to grow.

So hang on, be strong,
don’t give up!
We are here, we are now,
we are alive, we are uniting,
and though they seek to
divide we shall grow
closer and transcend.
Remember, this is not the end.
It’s the beginning.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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