Kaypacha’s Pele Report, 02/08/17

Here we are at the start of the eclipse season. The sun is trine to Jupiter as we head towards the penumbral eclipse along with full moon and a chance to see a comet all on the same night. The moon will be at Her north node, adding to the power of this configuration.

Venus and Mars are now conjunct in Aries, time to stand up and fight the good fight – standing up for human rights, for the planet and all her creatures. It’s so important to keep it peaceful, love centered. Impetuous Aries can urge us on to act impatiently. And Black Moon Lilith is at the critical degree – 29 – degrees of Scorpio, which has to do with cleansing, purging, letting go on a deep cellular level.

On the 26th we have a total solar eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces and a New Moon.

For those of who are sensitive, tuned into the collective consciousness, there is an anxiety, anticipation of what’s yet to come, being embraced by all of us as the auric field on the earth is broken with the eclipse. We feel like we’re walking on egg shells. (I feel like the moon is yanking on my hair and kinda just holding me up from under my shoulders, it’s strange).

Souls will be leaving and new souls will be coming in – bizarre times, bizarre events going on everywhere. Especially the news. Kaypacha emphasizes how important it is for us to completely let go of the old, so we can bring in the new paradigm. We have to get every last part of patriarchal conditioning out of our systems so the new paradigm can grow like a new garden without the weeds. We’re in the weed eating phase, and we gotta deal with this. We have to diagbnose the illness so that we can make in the remedies.

Black Moon Lilith will be joining Saturn in Sagittarius, and it is going to be all about truth telling.

This year – The Year of Illusion and Profound Revelation.

It’s time for me to let go of the past, not just by walking away, but by closing space with heart felt grace, where we can say all we need to say.

It’s always a wonderful experience watching Kaypacha.



  1. On the 26th we have a total solar eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces and a New Moon. – curious to know what happens at this time to those with sensitive souls. Loved reading this post – soft and melodic and tugging on the heart. Hope you been well.

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