Feeling So Blessed

Today has been a wonderful sleepless adventure which included arriving at the airport at the exactly last minute allowed before the ticket is forfeited due to a slight mix up in my silly mind about the time of departure!

But I made it, and while talking to my sister on the phone about someone we both love very much who is going through a very difficult time, a kind woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could give me a protective Mother Mary medal and a rosary to take as a gift. How sweet is that? So we ended up sitting by each other and becoming friends. We had so many synchronicities. But she spends her days doing charity work and lives with one of her grown daughter’s family. We talked so much about Mother Mary and the power of prayer.

My sister has treated me to Chinese food from the Wacky Wok which was delicious, and tomorrow I will be giving her boss a healing massage. This is to be a week of healing.

Many blessings of love, light and Mother Mary.


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