Preparing For Vacation

I am a somewhat obsessive compulsive personality type who will, at times, put matters of housekeeping ahead of my need for food. We are instructed to give ourselves oxygen first in case of airborne distress, and we should do the same with our children. To begin this at birth without a compassionate support group can seem impossible. Attempting to conform to this other culture, the culture I grew up around and looked into longingly, but was hated until I blossomed and then I was loved. The edge of the barbed wire fence in the high desert mountains of New Mexico.

The grandmothers of my children were so different from my mom. And they encouraged me to be like them, and I did my best. But I still ended up being more like my mom and didn’t like to spank or punish my kids. I spoiled them a bit. Loved them so much. I wanted them to have more of a childhood than I had.

But lots of my childhood was wonderful and my mom was an amazing woman whom I wish to write an entire book about. She was magical and led us on some amazing experiences and adventures. We rebirthed with Leonard Orr in Campbell Hot Springs and learned the rain dance from a Navajo shaman. It rained with our little tiny Dodge Dart all the way across the Mojave Desert to New Mexico. At a trading post we told the cashier we brought the rain and she thanked us.

When we lived in Los Angeles about six years or so later, she took me and my sister and some friends to dance with the whirling dervish
And my yogi son who was born in Los Angeles is the only one who spent a great deal of time at an ashram prenatally. My mom had the blessing of receiving Shaktipat from Guru Maya Chidvilisananda and she shared that with us.

Back and forth, from Southwest to Southern and Northern California my family has traveled. I moved too many times to count while growing up and in my early adulthood. And now, in the town of my birth, I have lived for the past 23 years which makes 26 as we moved to Southern California when I was 3. My parents divorced and my mom was drawn to the Flower Child movement. Love-Ins were everywhere.

And right now both my sisters and both my brothers live in Los Angeles and my other relatives are north and south of us and so I will be connecting with a large portion of my mom’s side of the family. This is so exciting!

I have to get at least two and a half hours of sleep, everything is done and I just wanted to say hello and please think positive thoughts, prayers for safe travels for me.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light, my friends.

Oh, by the way, one of my new clients has crystals, fossils and essential oils and botanicals and we trade! I got tiny gemstone jars for my sisters and nieces and fossils for my nephew and sons, rough raw rock quartz and a huge clear quartz for myself and my healing work. I can feel it is a great activator and my two selenite wands will work well with it. And eucalyptus.

See you soon! My sisters are more tech savvy than I am and are going to help me fix up my blog, post more than one picture at a time and I have a much nicer camera phone now.

Because things keep getting better, bit by bit, despite the fact that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. The dawn must not be too far off. I do read the news and it does get me upset. So I return to prayer. Let there be peace on earth and let it start with me. Blessed be.

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