Kaypacha’s Pele Report for January 5, 2017

Hello, my friends! It looks by the picturesque landscape that Tom is home in Costa Rica, plus he hasn’t mentioned being anywhere else, so that makes sense. We are right at the waxing half-moon and She is in Aries right now – wanting to plunge forward on projects and other things. Remember it’s easy to get a bit irritated when the Moon is in Aries (at least in my family when the kids were younger). She moves in Taurus on Saturday and part of Sunday, then Gemini until Tuesday, when Cancer comes on the scene, just in time for the Full Moon in Cancer! Yay!

Right now, with the Moon in Aries, She is conjunct Uranus and tomorrow will be in a first quarter square with the Sun, which is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon is opposite Jupiter in Libra right now, and Sunday, Mercury finally goes direct! I am happy about that.

Venus is moving into Pisces, where She will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon on Friday and is conjunct Neptune and Mars and Chiron – it’s a peaceful meditation party over in Pisces right now, folks, These are uncertain and unstable times, and there will be a lot of rising and falling of so many aspects of society. Right now we are seeing the fall of the patriarchy. Soon we will see the rise of egalitarianism.

Tom cautions us against seeking fulfillment through the temporary – like drugs, sex, food, spending money – just a few of the many ways people seek instant gratification. For we need to build roots. Each of us needs to love ourselves enough to allow ourselves the space to be healthy, to be abundant, and to live the lives we have always dreamed of living.

The patriarchy has created hundreds of thousands of jobs requiring people to sit in tiny little cubicles all day long – the compartmentalization of humanity. Because of this, the feminine energy has gone underground, but she is rising and will destroy that which separates.

The feminine in each of us seeks connection, the male in each of us seeks freedom, and it is Love that pulls all of us together in connection and freedom.

Saturn in Sagittarius helps us out by requiring that we grow up now. Sagittarius is also Nature, so it makes a lot of sense that movements like that at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are rising up all over the planet. We have to think seriously about what our actions today are doing to the planet. Every thought, word, or deed we each contribute to the collective is part of what makes up this giant cosmic soup of free will.

This is a time when personal ambitions can just go away because it’s time for us to all stand together and make sure our goals lead to the greater good. Teachers are springing up all over the place to help bring along the whole collective. For we are ALL ascending, and we all know something is going on.

Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mrs. Jones?

Huge projects centered around greed simply will not work. Also, it is suffering that wakes us up and lifts us up. When there are natural disasters, people come together and help each other.

Oh, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces can and will lift us up into nervi culpi Samadhi, a radical transformation which will have both an up side and a down side, both an ebb and a flow – but if we remain centered in Love, our way will be much more smooth.

As always, Kaypacha is wonderful to watch. He explains our current astrological aspects so well. And he always has a way of just helping me know everything is going to be okay eventually – and what’s going on right now has been written in the stars. I love introducing the Pele Report to family and friends. So many people enjoy it. Because it makes so much sense and Tom is such a down to earth guy.

This week’s mantra: Sorrow and disappointment can lead to anger and despair, so I open my arms, open my eyes and open my heart to all that needs loving and care.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of the Violet Flame. Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti.


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