Opening and Breathing

Visualizing seven and a half billion people holding hands, protected by golden pyramids of light, awakened to our kindred spirits and the need to unite, right now, and come to the aid of Gaia. We each have important roles to play, we each have many stories to tell and poems to write, beautiful pictures to take of this wonderful, amazing planet filled with such a wonderful diverse mixture of people!!!!

We celebrate diversity in my family. Today my granddaughter Loralai was coloring with me she told me she was now part Chinese because her teacher is Chinese. But her teacher is also English and Spanish because there are English and Spanish students in the classroom. She is learning how to say many phrases in Chinese and her teacher has given a marvelous little peep hole into many aspects of life there.
It was sweet how my young granddaughter had figured out the way races work, and it makes sense to me! She is so sweet. And she is part English, Welch, Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, Navajo, Apache and Cherokee. We are quite an eclectic family.

Anyway, the focus is about all of us, showing up for community and setting examples for our children. Let us leave our descendants with a legacy which provides them with the opportunity to flourish. To live in peace and to live in harmony with nature. .

Blessings of Love and light to you all


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