The Twelve Days of Christmas

Hello, my friends, I haven’t been present much, but rather doing best to carry on and be mom and grandma and celebrate Christmas. And with my big family, Christmas is so special. We had our dinner on Christmas Eve, as usual. We allow each person to open one gift that night (a tradition my Mama began long ago). We waited until my son Nick and his beautiful girlfriend arrive. He was carrying a large olive green military style duffle bag filled to the brim with gifts for us all. Bless his heart. He’s 21 now and just started working for Cox Cable up in Tulsa. His father has worked cable since the age of 19, never figured that would be Nicolas’ path, but he seems quite happy. He also loves spinning disks and twirling poi. He has some LED spirals his girlfriend gifted him with when he turned 21, and they are crazy cool to watch in action. My lil athlete, JJ, enjoyed them a lot and gave them a twirl also. (He isn’t small at all anymore, I just call him lil because he’s my youngest. So hard to believe my baby is 18).

After we each opened a gift for Nick and he and Monica opened their gifts from us, we played a fun game my aunt and uncle sent called Reverse Charades. I was quite tired out from all the dinner preparations (Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad) so my brain wasn’t too quick, but Adam and JJ and Nina were a great team. We all laughed so much.

We had a great time for Thanskgiving as well. We all miss Alyssa, but we were blessed to be able to talk to her. And I will be able to visit her again, either before I go to LA, or after.

My big surprise and gift of love from my youngest sister is a round trip plane ticket to Los Angeles the 17th of January. I’m staying two weeks! And be able to visit with many of my family members! All my brothers and sisters live in California with my three nieces and one nephew, most live in LA area. My cousins on my mom’s side also live there, in Sacramento and my aunt and uncle live near San Francisco. I haven’t seen most of them in eight years. So I am feeling blessed.

I like the idea of having twelve days of Christmas, and while I am not handing out gifts all those days, I do keep my tree up, turn the lights on when it begins to get dark, and meditate and pray a lot. Sending lots of love and light to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and all over the world where Big Oil needs to be stopped.

Wishing you all the happiest and safe holiday season for the rest of 2016. Mercury will be going direct pretty early on in 2017, which is a 1 year, and we should all prepare ourselves for unprecedented levels of energy to hit the planet and fill us up with more Light and Love.

I have been listening every day to Patricia Cota-Robles gift from Mother Mary, her Rosary for Ascending Humanity totally activates all twelve crystalline solar chakras in a beautiful way.

Many Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you all, my friends. Rose petals sprinkled across your sacred path.


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