Looking For Moonbeams

I’ve often been lost,
looking for moonbeams
when the moon is new,
or when the sun is high
above me, noonday bright,
when moonbeams haven’t
got a chance of shining.

But then I’ve been found
with stardust and moonbeams
all around me, on my magical path,
drawing down the power of the moon
is second nature,
my crystals remind me
when they need charging –
for they store stardust and moonbeams
within, just as we do.

It was a star that led
wise men from the East
to the manger of a sweet baby boy,
a star being, moonbeams and stardust
all around him, born to be king,
yet he renounced worldly things,
praised the meek and rebuked the rich,
born at the turning of the ages,
was Jesus, son of Mary.

I think people hide away
their stardust and moonbeams
with bright neon lights and
HD flat screens, little
devices of all sizes,
both windows and cages,
we can see each other
across the world
but not in the same room.

Now we are again at the
turning of the ages,
finding not only our
moonbeams and stardust,
but shining supernovas
are rising now,
the warriors of the Rainbow,
our open hearts and open minds
show us that Christ consciousness
is all about connectedness,
and all about love and light.

So every time the moon is full,
I fill this body temple with
stardust and moonbeams,
for I come from the stars,
just as we all come from the stars,
and if we wish to we can see that tiny baby
born again in the hearts of all humanity,
reminding us who we are and why we came to be.

Let us celebrate the returning of the Light
and know that we are creating the new day,
all of us, together, are writing this human story.
And what we all know deep in our hearts is
that Love and Light shall reign supreme,
no matter how unlikely that may seem.
For that which is passing away is
clawing tooth and nail to maintain
its millennial grip on us all,
yet we are shaking it loose,
we are shining more and more
as the dying patriarchy roars.

Together we stand and find more
than just moonbeams and stardust.
We are the guardians of Gaia
and with our hearts open and united,
we can create a world of peace.
These are the seeds we are planting,
and we are prayerfully singing
for the whole world today.
Each of us makes a difference,
every voice deserves to be heard.
Let us listen to one another,
let us see we are one human family.

Blessed be. Happy Yule.

What amazing times we live in –
and to think, we chose to return
now, at the turning of the ages,
this great Holy Shift.

May your homes and hearths be blessed with beautiful family time. Ours is about to begin. Rainbow Blessings.


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