Mother Mary’s Rosary For Ascending Humanity by Patricia Cota-Robles

Beautiful powerful prayer to help with incoming solar energies January 1-11. Activates all twelve crystalline solar chakras. I love Patricia Cota-Robles, and she gifts her special and unique prayerful meditation to humanity each solstice and equinox, which is truly noble.

I love you all and wait til the last minute to get all the holiday stuff done, but these days I pace myself and do a little but at a time. And my kids are grown! They are so awesome. We are having a family sleepover Christmas Eve since it’s my youngest son’s last year in high school. And he wants to see his niece Loralai get excited about Santa Claus. We are all excited about her excitement. And very thankful to have each other.

Peace, Love, and Light to all. The deepest peace of the shining stars. To break down the walls and unite us all as one human family.

Paz Noel.


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