Today is the family memorial here in Norman for my sweet friend who recently passed away. I am one to totally embrace the Christmas spirit (not the commercialization so much, though, we keep it simple and sweet, there are just so many of us that’s the best way to go), so this year it is especially important to me to focus on prayer morning, noon and night. As many of you have most likely noticed, I don’t follow a certain path or belong to a religion. However, my faith is strong and I would say Celtic Christian would be very close to the beliefs I espouse. Nature based and completely eclectic, with the Mother and Father standing together, not patriarchal but egalitarian.

When we lose someone we love very much reality itself seems to drastically change. I have lost other friends and relatives since my dear mom passed back in 1999, but this loss is hitting very hard. My sweet friend was one of those unapologetically beautiful young women with a heart full of kindness and a good strong head on her shoulders. She took lots of adorable selfies and had beautiful tattoos decorating her arms and her back. She was smart and sensitive and generous. She opened her home to my daughters when they needed a friend. She wrote to my Alyssa as well.

We are all still in shock, but we still put up the Christmas tree. My phone broke the morning the news was on FB. Kori’s last selfie she posted to Instagram – said she was stranded in NM but at least she looked cute. She loved herself and so many of us loved her too! Maybe sometimes Creator calls angels back home early precisely because they have reached a level of self love radiating the same outwardly to all (as opposed to narcissism)?

I don’t know, but my whole family is experiencing this loss together, for our families have been friends for sixteen years. We are treasuring each other just that much more, for we are reminded of how fragile life is, and how important it is to let each other know how much we do love each other.

I know Kori will be watching over us – she was an angel on earth and will be our special angel on the other side.

When I was able to visit Alyssa a couple of weeks ago, she was under the impression that I was going to remain without a phone indefinitely. And I am the only one she can reach regularly, so she was feeling cut off. And heartbroken. But her dorm sisters flocked around her to support her, they wrote a group letter of love, healing and sympathy. So ninety young women who never even met Kori are adding their prayers for the family.

My ex husband and youngest son (who is 18 years old) went out to New Mexico for the funeral. Then last Sunday there was a benefit concert at The Deli for her. Three of my grown kids went there, and my best friend took me. So many people there. Norman is a city but it has a small town feel. Some of my kids and I have nearly 200 FB friends in common or something crazy like that. We are all connected.

Luckily, Alyssa did get my letter with my new phone number and I was able to speak to her today! That was a relief. Also, they have special Christmas snack packages families can order, so that’s a nice privilege. She was promoted again, this time to Recreational Director. She looks beautiful. Her uniform suits her quite well. She gets to send me a picture soon! Her brothers are going to visit her in January, and Nina and Loralai and I will be going very close to Christmas, but we want it to be a surprise.

So many people needing prayers, perhaps this is one reason for so many souls crossing over with each new wave of incoming energy. Because our atoms are literally made of the same molecular structure as the stars, just as we are filled with the clay of the earth, our Mother. No wonder it feels so great to walk barefoot on the grass and sit up against a tree, just soaking up that great tree energy.

So now I will do a sound healing bath and irrigate my sinuses, and perhaps all the tears I shed so far today will prepare me for being strong for my dear friends who have lost such a beautiful daughter, sister, friend.

I love you all. Love one another. Here is a picture of all four best friend girls. My daughter Alyssa is second to the end on the right and Kori is the furthest to the right. Epiphany is furthest
on the left, with Amanda next to her. My girls.

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