Oh, blessed was she,
my daughter’s best friend,
a heart full of kindness,
she was a walking goddess,
tiny, loyal and true,
big green eyes,
nothing could prepare
us for losing her.

Life is so fragile,
each moment to be
all of it –
the love, the laughter,
the pain, the sorrow.

For all it took
was one fateful moment,
one terrible car crash,
and our angel grew true wings,
God called her back too soon,
and she flew away before
she even knew what happened.

I sensed her confusion
the first few days,
she knew not she wasn’t
coming back to grace
us with her beautiful smile,
but now she’s coming to us
in our dreams.

She came to one of
my sons the other night,
told him not to worry,
that on the other side,
everything is okay
and we will see her
one fateful day,
when our own time comes
to fly.

She flew away far too soon,
this daughter of my heart.
My own daughter crushed,
devastated, in shock,
in disbelief, this tragic
news I had to share,
our first visit in months.

Somehow, the article
in our local paper
surfaced in her dorm,
so she knew it to be true.
No time to say goodbye
to one so dear, so loving,
so full of life,
and spit and vinegar too,
she was spicy.
And powerful.
Born on 11/11, she was
only 27 for 17 days.

We’re so thankful
she didn’t suffer,
instead she flew away,
flew away too soon,
our little butterfly,
Kori Lynn,
we will all love
you forever,
and we all wish
to be better people,
like you,
as you fly high
above us all,
yet remain a constant
presence in our hearts
sweet, sweet young woman.

Thank you for being
such a Light on this planet,
for you touched so many hearts.
You were a devoted aunt, sister,
daughter and friend.
You truly did shine
like a rock star,
beautiful Kori Lynn.

May you spread your wings
and fly to the highest
heaven, and please keep an
eye on all of us who
will always, always love you.

Blessed be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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