Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, December 14, 2016

Tom is talking to us from Ko Phogang, Thailand, and the view is gorgeous! We are still feeling the effects of the Full Moon in Gemini. And Mercury is conjunct Pluto and about to go retrograde back to Saturn for three weeks. The Sun hits the galactic center on Saturday. Mars is leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces as soon as Mercury goes retrograde.

The Moon is going into Cancer Friday, then Leo on Sunday. Saturn is still square to Chiron. During this next three weeks of Mercury retrograde, things can get pretty dark. There is a whole different dimension which Kaypacha wants to tell us about, but first he shows a panoramic view of the gorgeous sea.

Obsessive compulsive speach patterns, control and compulsive issues. The main issue coming up is wanting things our way – Tom calls it the Hitler asepct – root chakra kundalini combined with the throat chakra – like a German tank it will roll over anyone and anything which can get in its way.

Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Aquarius are know it alls, but they are moving towards Pisces. The Moon is still in Gemini – then it will go into Cancer where we feel sensitive, may need to retreat into our shells and not wanting to talk about our feelings. Then Leo inspires us to be joy filled, to go out into the world and talk about real issues.

This can be an insecure time – kind of a tricky dilemma.

Saturn square Chiron presents another twist of healing – Chiron in Pisces wants to heal the wound, old guilt coming up – but Chiron is open, compassionate and forgiving. Mercury/Pluto conjunct constricts, and Saturn in Sagittarius has us looking at all the facts, the laws, the negotiations. Jupiter in Libra wants fairness and justice for everyone and everything. The tendency here can be to get stuck in old thought patterns, old beliefs, lots of old paradigm attitudes in our subconscious, which Pluto is bringing up so we can change them.

This week’s mantra: I’m tired of all the bullshit, I want what’s true and real. So rather than getting stuck in my head, I expand my magnetic field.

Then Tom talks about the fact that the Heart Math Institute has discovered that the magnetic field of the heart is bigger than the magnetic field of the brain.

Yogi Bhajan says we need an exalted experience. Time for fun, joy, love – the expansion of that magnetic love. That is how we heal the planet – by opening our hearts and experiencing unconditional love for ourselves, each other and the planet. Our growth right now is not about being right. It’s about love, unity and healing. Also, be mindful of your companions. Time to stop talking about or listening to BS. if people are bringing us down – get out of there! Let’s create permaculture, tread lightly on the planet and do whatever we can to make sure there is a future for our children and children’s children.

Of course Kaypacha has much more to say but today is a short video – so worth watching. This little summary I type up only covers the main points of this reading. Perhaps someday this will grant me the blessing of meeting my favorite astrologer and the whole New Paradigm group.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. Have a good time.

Kamea: Rainbow Blessings. Om namaha shivaya.


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