Learning to love ourselves is essential. Yours truly expresses this joyously and reminds us of what we came here to learn! How to love ourselves so we can love one another. Blessed be.

Love Notes from Yours Truly

Some day, someone’s going to come along and realize how AMAZING you are.

That’s right, and one of these days, someone’s gonna look you over from head to toe, from top to bottom, and from left to right; and that someone is gonna realize that every single part of you is FLAWLESS.
Some day SOON, someone’s gonna take a look inside that head of yours and figure out that ALL of your thoughts are valid and meaningful and important.
And then, someone’s gonna get acquainted with that heart and soul of yours and realize how damn LOVABLE it all is and that the ground you walk upon and the space you dwell in is HOLY and SACRED.
Then finally, someone’s gonna figure out that this whole time, right from the very beginning, you’ve been nothing but amazing and beautiful, awesome and intelligent, kind and creative, fabulous and fantastic, wild…

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