Finding words to heal,
Finding words to help forgive,
to change this world
protect the Water,
protect Water Protectors,
protect the future for our children,
for our children’s children.

Today I am speechless,
there are no words to say,
to describe treating people a
in such a terrible way,
our First Americans,
caretakers of the earth,
guardians of water,
brave, brave protectors
standing up to Big Oil.

Raising the vibrations,
sending love to Standing Rock
the people will triumph,
the people will grow in numbers,
love will triumph over all,
and all those who hate,
those who choose oil over water,
those who reek of corruption and greed,
will be left speechless
for as the whole world is watching,
we people shall unite,
we shall refuse to be divided,
we shall stand up together,
for each other,
for Gaia,
for our water.

Occupy together
everywhere –
and shine the
Light of Christ
wherever you go,
and you shall find
the second coming
when you look into
the eyes of any
Rainbow Warrior.
For Christ dwells
in us all.

With deepest respect
and giving honor,
those who are unaware
shall awaken, and ask
to learn the ways
to dance and bless
the Water,
to clear the path
for a new day,
for a new way
of living and caring
for each other.

Today, I am
So many silent prayers
united, we are blessing
this very moment
in this breath
and this heartbeat
where all the healing lies.

I am burning sage.

Blessed be.

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