Battle of hearts, Battle of minds.


What you are about to see is Morton County Sherrifs department engaging in police brutality, provocation and abuse against unarmed peaceful water protectors. They are only marching to pray for water, they haven’t even gotten a chance to commit crimes when they are plucked from the lines and violently arrested. This footage stems from October, in early September, Dakota Access Pipeline paid various “private security” companies who unleashed German Sheppard attack dogs, mace and violent men and women onto again, unarmed peaceful water protectors who were trying to protect a sacred burial ground which was desecrated by, you got it, Dakota Access Pipeline.

Water protectors who were jailed in Morton County and surrounding areas are now coming forward with accounts of being stripped searched by multiple male police, beaten, held in dog kennels, denied access and visits with their legal representatives and denied phone calls from jail. One woman who was…

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