With each breath I take
stardust I do bring in,
while through my open feet
rises up that earthly clay.

My eyes gazing
upon the stars,
my feet firmly
planted on the ground,
I am mingling
stardust and clay
every single day,
still learning
what it means
to be human,
to be woman,
to be alive.

Six babies I’ve carried
inside me,
six babies I’ve nursed
with my breasts,
this miracle of life
astounds me,
my dreams are that they
each become the best
version of themselves
they came here to be,
each a mixture of
clay and stardust,
each a beautiful glimpse
of eternity.

For in our children
we see continuity,
it’s in them we
sense immortality,
for we are each
mingling stardust and clay
while learning to be free.

With each passing day
we become wiser,
new challenges abound,
and no matter what
comes our way,
we’ll still be
stardust and clay.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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