In a World Gone Mad, What Do You Do?

In a World gone mad,
what do you do?
Believe the lies
the government
keeps telling you?

They would have us
believe climate change
is not true,
and that oil matters
more than water or food.

We have come to that
point where we
must all unite,
for it’s only together
we can make things right.

Together we can learn
to live sustainably,
to bless each other,
bless our water,
and live accordingly.

Together we can bring
the Black Snake to its end,
for trust me, it was
never, ever a friend.
For its path is only
one of destruction and greed.
And its ethics a violation
of every nation’s creed,
for humans have rights,
and corporations should not
be the bullies on top.
This corruption is insane,
it’s just got to stop.

In a world gone mad,
we can each stand up
strong and true,
we can build
new green
communities ~
built at
grassroots levels,
that’s what we must do.
so befriend your neighbors,
to your own selves be true,
stand up for human rights
and for Gaia’s rights too.

Together we stand,
as one family – our
perseverance will pay off
eventually – each seed
we plant now will
tomorrow’s gardens bring,
so we must keep on planting
with our hearts full of Love,
and our gardens shall blossom
filled with Light from above.

So keep the faith,
don’t give up,
no matter how dark
it may seem as
this age turns
the page to a world
filled with Love,
Peace and Harmony.
Blessed be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden


  1. one must attain pure intentions for the self, then see to it that the truth of self can be replicated and shared without any gain, then if we have this pure hearted one, may be we all can share the load and help those who needs it most.

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