Go Softly Leonard Cohen 

Yesterday, we lost the brilliant mind known to us as singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. I’m feeling rather ambivalent about his passing and I suspect it has to do with the words posted below &…

Source: Go Softly Leonard Cohen 


    • You’re so welcome, and I should have written a comment first. This truly touched my heart. Your eulogy to Cohen is superb. I also shared it on my FB wall, which tends to get cluttered during my active phases. Many blessings.

      I found a clip of 1,500 people singing Hallelujah last night. I think I can share it here, just a minute, I am juggling an overly active young puppy and an irate older cat who is so angry that the puppy is visiting for the day. My granddaughter (who is nearly 6) is finding it amusing. Mila the cat is growling.

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      • Ohhhh!! Thank you so much for the compliment! Humbled and honored by your words. We have a dog and 7 cats (long story, lol) so I understand the juggling act. A blessed day to you and thank you again. 💗

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      • Seven cats! Lol. I had twelve once, two sets of kittens one month apart – then we got the mamas fixed, long story there too. I love cats! You’re welcome, keep writing! I need to do the same, have had writer’s block since my surgey September 30. But I know I can still create without my ovaries, I know I can!

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      • Yes, we had a beautiful Siamese cat show up and adopt us two months after moving last year. We posted ads and checked her for a microchip in an attempt to reunite her with her family but no one came forward so she joined our family. At the time we had only 2 cats and a dog. Named her Sylvie and welcomed her with love. Just as I was making plans to schedule a spay surgery, I started getting a nagging feeling telling me to hold off. When she first turned up, she was a bit malnourished and underweight so I wouldn’t have suspected anything but after a few weeks with us, although still very thin, I started to wonder if she might be expecting. Turns out she was! Roughly two months after joining our family, we had the honor and blessing of welcoming hers. Planned to find wonderful homes for them at 10 weeks or so but by then their personalities had emerged and we couldn’t part with a single one, lol!! Everyone has been fixed so no worries there. 😉
        As for you, don’t worry about that writer’s block. Ovaries or not, a writer writes always. It’s in our blood, it’s in our heart, and it’s in our mind. Can’t be helped really, lol! Just keep flowing with the Divine as you always do. Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way. That is a difficult surgery for us as women and my heart goes out to you. You are well and whole always! XoXo 💕


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