Kaypacha’s Pele Report Summary – 11/10/2016

This week’s mantra:

“No longer addicted to drama,
I’m ready for something new,
and the more I gain independence,
the more I can build with you.”

This week Tom is speaking to us from beneath some luscious unnamed waterfalls, giving us the astrological advice we need to get us through these intense changing times. Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the Sun in Scorpio and we have a loose trine to Chiron/Neptune in Pisces.

Mars just entered Aquarius, Friday Venus enters Capricorn and Saturday Mercury enters Sagittarius – three very personal planets all transitioning into new signs.

The Moon is in Pisces right now but moving on into Aries later today (watch our tongues and our tempers, folks, everyone is always extra sensitive when the Moon is in Aries).

The Sun and Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio at the Taurus/Scorpio axis at 22 degrees as we reach the Full Moon in Taurus Sunday will bring with it focus on love, sexuality, intensity, touch, sensations. Kaypacha always explains it best, I am writing this short summary to help remember the key points, because this is so important! And each week, I learn a bit more about astrology because of this report and other articles I read at Grand Trines and other astrological websites.

Jupiter in Libra is square with Pluto in Capricorn, while Neptune in Pisces is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. Jupiter will reach 23 degrees in Libra then return again to square with Pluto next Spring. These alignments have to do with transformation, government, death, resurrection, deep and powerful energies, external authority, governments, corporations, armies – we are moving into the New Paradigm and leaving the patriarchy behind and the more we resist, the more we deny our natural evolution and our alignment with the feminine, with Gaia, our Mother. Nature Herself – Source – will push us to the precipice, towards the waterfall.

We could have dismantled the hierarchy gently, but seeing the results of the election it becomes evident that this is going to require us to wipe out/erase the chalkboard – and extricate ourselves from the system. We are the seedpods of the New Age – and even if none of us get the chance to witness the world as we envision it, the seeds will nevertheless be planted – and who knows? we just may witness more transformation than we can imagine. We are going to build a New Paradigm one brick at a time, one loving relationship at a time – we shall do this! We have to claim our personal power, our sovereignty, and find like minded people to build interdependent sustainable communities.

We are leaving behind the male dominated structure controlled by bigots, control freaks, war mongering leaders, regardless of the fact that currently it seems we are embracing those types of leaders, but just check out all the protests to the election results. Perhaps we can learn something from our friends in Iceland about peaceful revolution, for each of us is a cog in the wheel, and by being independent we can join each other and make the wagon roll, not by leaning on each other or leaching off each other, but by contributing to each other.

We are having the biggest Supermoon in 70 years – in Taurus, bringing with it the opportunity to really get in touch with that Divine Feminine. So Kaypacha (Tom Lescher) says, “Let us not be depressed, or daunted. We can take our emotions and we can fuel the path to change. Let’s make something different, get ourselves out of the daily grind, jump from one wheel to another. Let us gradually extricate ourselves from the system. Let us gather together with our tribes and heal ourselves and each other – time to find our seedpods.”

We have three years to extricate ourselves from the system and create these sustainable communities – pull ourselves off of the grid, then the grid will no longer have power over us. The more we unite our resources, our energy, our physical beings, the more we can accomplish together.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

I must confess that I became physically ill after the results of the election came in. And that is all I have to say about that. I love you all.

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