Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, November 3, 2016

This week Tom talks to us from the southern tip of Bali – dream land, tropical shores, and is one day late because of travel delays coming out of Costa Rica. Today, Friday, the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn along with Mars, which is moving into Aquarius next week. And right now we also have the Sun, Mercury, Black Moon Lilith sandwich in Scorpio, adding intensity to relationship situations – broken hearts, endings and beginnings dominant in so many of our lives.

Scorpio has to do with intensity, death, resurrection, transmutation, starting something new, that drive for ambition, keeping stock of our accomplishments, getting things done.

We have been feeling a push from things outside of us, things we can’t control but would like to be able to.

Kaypacaha is starting a workshop this week on the Shadow, which is that aspect in our psyches which holds our own negative ideas about ourselves. We all want to win – and can face all our shadows on winning or losing – being powerful or powerless – being the predator or being the prey.

We can end up having some victim consciousness and feeling overwhelmed by the waves of energies hitting our planet, by the political system, by the crumbling patriarchy, by our relationships, about money and scarcity consciousness, longing or wishing for more power and control, combined with fears that we won’t make it – that we could possibly die – triggering feelings of wanting to be out of here, it’s too much, escape from it all, turning to our favorite comforting activities.

It’s time to move into new belief systems. These changes involve letting go of what once was, the dream which turned into an illusion, or too much work. That twin flame which turned into a nightmare. It’s not always easy to move on, yet now Mars is moving into Aquarius for the next 5-6 weeks – the new – the future – stepping into nonattachment.

The first quarter square moon and Jupiter now in Libra is all about revolution. And we have to heal our old wounds, make decisions, which choices are best, what’s our purpose? What do we value more, this or that? Venus square Chiron – Values versus crisis. I used to want and need this, but now as I see my spiritual destiny laid out before me I set out a new course based on my values. I see that staying in this situation (relationship, employment position, etc.) is no longer for my own greater good, so time to let go. Which leads us to this week’s mantra:

The more I evolve, the more I know it’s not just about moving on, but saying and doing all I can to know that the learning is done.

Whether we’re learning a lesson or teaching somebody a lesson, if we walk out of the job, relationship or country prematurely without giving it our very best, years down the road we can have regrets. We could end up wishing we would have tried harder.

To not have regrets, we put all our heart and soul into whatever we’re involved in (job, partnership, religion, etc.) and give it all our guts. Do it all, say it all, feel it all, and it still doesn’t work out, we know we’re making the right decision by leaving. We did it all, baby.

Kaypacha is extra joyful giving us the report from the beach with the waves behind him, such an uplifting report this week. And as usual, he bids adieu: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s Adieu: Rainbow Blessings. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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