Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, October 26, 2016

Okay, so Kaypacha gives us this week’s Pele Report from his own luscious backyard in Costa Rica. The Moon is in harmonizing Libra, but will be swinging on into Scorpio for the New Moon, so She will be conjunct the Sun and Black Moon Lilith until moving into Sagittarius (where Venus is currently hanging out) next Wednesday.

Venus in Sag and Saturn in Capricorn are squaring the Moon’s nodes and Mars is conjunct Pluto but is coming along to square Uranus in Aries which becomes exact Friday. Lots of big stuff going on in the stars and with each and every one of us.

Please check out the video and find out more about upcoming retreats a d workshops at the New Paradigm community.

I took lots of notes but have a terrible cold, but the mantra does sum things up nicely, as always: As I embrace my deep emotion and strive for conflict resolution, I live a life of full expression, not shut down by fear or suppression. (And may you live a life of full expression).

Included in this are many great tips for dealing with the intense incoming energies and for doing our inevitable shadow work.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. So much love. Kamea: Rainbow Blessings. Water is Life. Mni Wiconi.


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