Seeking Balance

Seeking balance
on the edge of the Razor,
breathing in one moment
pink and gold light,
so much love and light,

forgetting to breathe
the next day, or moment,
as pendulum swings down,
feeling collective fears,
collective frenetic frenzy,

in this Now of all Now
moments of all Time,
Space and Dimensions.

The pendulum swings again,
fear is replaced with Love –
a state of Grace where angels
just pop up in high school
parking lots and other
unexpected places,
following an honoring
ceremony for our young athletes,
my young athlete tall and strong,
he’s golden and grounded,
the pendulum he’s on
has found the balance
I always wished he would find.

In healing from the loss
of my healing organs,
my ovaries,
home of creation
in my golden triangle,
my pendulum has been
swinging rather wildly,
getting to know much
more about myself,
yet again.

And with circular breath
and a prayerful attitude,
the pendulum gently sways
rather than that wild
wild way of swinging,
and I am gently lifted
from the razor’s edge
and placed in a soft cocoon.

A cocoon of healing and
regeneration, a place
to rest and learn to
relax and release my
spirit ovaries and
my spirit womb,
for now that they
are gone
they are ever
more with me.

Could it be
this way with
loved ones lost?
Could they perhaps
be with us more in Spirit
than they ever could in flesh?

These kinds of ponderings
are why I turn inward
why I consult my heart
and find my loved ones there,
shining and loving me still,
for Heaven is here on Earth.

For those who have the
eyes to see.

Blessed be,
may we all find balance
as that pendulum sways
sometimes gently,
and swings sometimes

For we are ascending,
and Love will lead the way.
We are so much more than
we ever dare to dream!

Blessed breathing,
bless our water,
bless this earth,
Gaia in all Her glory,
She gives us life,
and She tells us Now
it is time to Unite
and change our ways,
that there will be
a softer, greener,
more loving future
for our children’s children.

Many prayers for all,
now at the tipping point.
Love will set us free!

© Kamea Moonmaiden


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