This week Tom is in the city of Kalakmur, the twin city of Takal. This location is beautiful – Kalakmur means two temples, and the report gives a great view of the ancient temples there. This is 20 km north of Guatemala.

And now it’s Friday, one day after this was posted. For I went to my youngest son’s senior recognition night and was honored for being the mother of an athlete. He got several interceptions, as usual. But it was cold! So when I got home and warmed up, I fell asleep before I could watch all of Kaypacha.

He has two names and so do I. And two names for his report. I like that. Anyway, the Moon has just moved into Cancer, bringing with it nurturing and caring for our inner child, caring for our homes. And the Moon is in direct opposition to the powerful Mars/Pluto conjunction which is all about doing the work to help us realize our dreams, fulfill our desires, and act with integrity accordingly. Pluto is the lower octave of Mars, and it is because of our relationship with Mars that we know we have a soul. Because it’s the influence of Mars that makes us have desires, dreams and the ability to act on them.

The Sun is moving into Scorpio just as Venus moves on into Sagittarius, but Black Moon Lilith will remain in Scorpio for a few more months. This is giving us a tremendous opportunity to work on our relationships, to truly communicate, and to take off our masks.

This week’s mantra: To truly be loved you must see my soul. For that to happen, I must let go of protecting, hiding and needing control, and admit that you have what I need to grow.

Kaypacha says Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.  And he says to make sure and celebrate the Day of the Dead, El Dia de los Muertos.

My sweet Alyssa happens to turn 27 that day and I am hopeful I may get to go visit her the weekend before that.

I love you all! Rainbow Blessings! Watch Kaypacha, he’s great medicine and gives great guidance for living in these extreme times. The turning of the ages!



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