On Head Standing – Overcoming Obstacles

I love Ganesh, the Hindu son of Paravati and Shiva. Since Paravati was human, when her son looked upon his father, his head burned up (there is another version where Shiva kills him, but I like this one better). Paravati was furious and demanded Shiva do something about it, so he gave him an elephant head and grew up to become quite revered. I can see why he would be the remover of obstacles – talk about overcoming obstacles! No human head, hmmmm, what shall we do? Oh! I know! An elephant’s head will do nicely for a young god. And indeed it did.

I have a little statue of Ganesh in my room. I mention this now for after going through surgery a little over two weeks ago – and a steroid injection into my sacroiliac a week before that – I am definitely overcoming obstacles. The pain wasn’t too bad – but getting back into being able to eat regularly was. And I discovered I am definitely lactose intolerant for the most part. Been avoiding gluten mostly for a while now, suspecting it was one of the culprits, and had cut out red meat, only had occasional chicken and different types of fish regularly. Lots of veggies. Legumes. Chopped or slivered nuts and nut pastes. Hummus. Only granola or other mostly healthy types of cereal. A banana every morning. Red grapes, oranges, cantalope, apples, berries – I love all fruit.

Well, before the surgery my stomach had been bothering me way more than usual for quite some time. That was one of the reasons I decided to go ahead with the surgery. And then several women close to people who are close to me developed ovarian cancer. That to me was a sign. So now I will never get ovarian cancer. At least that. But a body goes through some enormous adjustments when organs are removed. I don’t like to label the challenges I deal with, but fibromyalgia is the name of one of them, which is mostly under control. But things like surgery and extreme stress can bring it on. And it came along with a renewal of IBS which had been creeping in since August. To the point where I had to resume taking Levsin, which is an anti-spasmodic, and it wasn’t even working. In addition to that, papaya enzyme, TUMS and lots of coconut water and nectars like guava, mango, and pear.

Well, after the surgery it got so bad and my weight began to drop, which is a trigger for me because most of my adult life I have been at least twenty to thirty pounds underweight. I didn’t realize how tiny I looked. When I look back at pictures of myself, I am amazed the wind didn’t blow me away. And I was working my butt off raising a family of six kids at the time. I wasn’t very kind to my body. I ate every day – just usually skipped lunch, but if I was allergic to dairy and gluten and red meat and those were the things I was cooking for my kids – I wasn’t absorbing many nutrients. Malabsorption was going on for sure. That and having been struck by lightning through the telephone at the age of 18, along with heredity and bad posture and smoking cigarettes (I quit three and a half years ago) all contributed to the stomach and spine problems.

But I am not working on beating myself up, did that enough already. It is what it is, and had become a tremendous obstacle. Then I decided to follow the example of a fellow blogger who has recovered from severe anorexia and now is on a vegan and gluten free diet. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I went and bought kombucha, some naked green juice (a huge bottle), salad stuff, coconut water, gluten free crackers and an organic gluten free vegan green chile enchilada meal by Annie. I’ve been into those little frozen dinners for a quick treat when too tired to cook after doing the big job of shopping, bringing the groceries up the steep concrete slab stairs to my little flat and putting them away.

Well. My stomach is doing MUCH better after five days of going dairy free. My appetite is improving, my energy level is improving. I have done yoga three times during those five days and yesterday was able to stand on my head for the first time in ten years! And this is with a failed neck surgery at C6-7 – or maybe I have a new disk by now. Anything is possible. If I don’t yet, with my stem cell regeneration quantum healing visualization meditations, I am going to grow new disks, mark my words. And some day have an MRI to prove that this indeed did happen. I didn’t think I would ever ever stand on my head again. And I held the pose for at least 30 seconds. My 16 year old homeschooling grandson was practicing with me. We both became quite excited!

And then later on I gave an hour and a half hot stone massage. And my client will be back in two weeks. She left euphoric, and that is definitely the goal.

I have also begun to turn my wi-fi off at night and make sure my phone is either off or on airplane mode. no EMFs bombarding me while I sleep. And I have been sleeping much better. Other than the hot flashes. Which won’t last forever.

I won’t even mention any details about the upcoming shadow election other than the fact that most people are in a frenzied state of emotion can hit an empath like me like a ton of bricks. So today I am grounding and starting slowly, still have some healing to do. And the sun is shining, the recently full moon in Aries is now waning in Taurus and energies are smoothing out.

This woman is very thankful to be healing so well. And will listen to my body, be oh so gentle with it when it asks me to – and push it further when it’s willing and able – and finding the balance between the two is key.

Oh, and I have been following the Water Protectors at Sacred Stone camp in North Dakota. The Standing Rock Sioux are amazing – as is the fact that over 250 tribes have sent people to stand in solidarity – people from all over the world are gathering!!!!! I watched a water blessing ceremony – offering blessed water to the police – after smudging them – they seemed so afraid – but I could tell that deep in their hearts they were saying, “At last! AT LAST!”

For our open hearts and minds are the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth – and this beautiful nonviolent revolution – it is spreading – everywhere. And it begins within each and every one of us. And if spam is seen declaring the Water Protectors to be violent, know that those are plants – actors – and cannot and will not deter from the sacred power of prayer, the power of unconditional love, of sacrifice for the planet, for water, for our future generations. For this time, the people will prevail. The world is watching and GAIA has all of us in her arms. And we are healing.

I’m going to go through my winter clothes and see what I can send to the people who are staying through the winter there. For it gets very very cold there! I am loving watching the livestreams on FB, it is almost like being there. Oh, and FB keeps trying to block and censor these videos and posts. Or at least partially do so. But we are keeping them coming. We are the new media. I haven’t had regular television for a couple years, but even then it was for my son so he could watch football. I rarely paid attention to it. Haven’t much since way back in 2000 other than some series on Netflix, but at least that way there aren’t any commercials. Save us from the commercials! Forgive me for rambling, so much is going on in the world right now. I do read about it all even though I don’t watch t.v. I do pray for the people in Haiti. I pray for the people in Syria. I pray for the people in America. I pray for all the people in the world, especially those who are hungry, homeless, oppressed, or living in war torn communities. I believe in the power of the people.

Praying for peace. Resting a bit extra. Drinking lots of water and coconut water too. Choosing life over death – and getting stronger every day! Also have less pain than in over a year! That’s fantastic as well. At one point in time didn’t think giving massages part time would ever be an option again. So glad that wasn’t true!

My cats have become my sentries. They have decided that it’s their job to guard me whenever I am resting. My mama cat Mila, who is nine years old, has to be on my lap whenever I am sitting. They are great guardians. Feeling very blessed. Just missing cheese. Instead of butter I am using coconut oil or olive oil and that’s working great. But haven’t gotten over missing cheese yet.






  1. Kami you sound on the right track. Terry and i have been mostly gluten free, sugar free for years, but eat some dairy, mostly goat and sheep, kombucha, veggies, some salmon. Try adding MCT oil and more coconut oil, very healing. Love, Da

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