Kaypacha’s Pele Report, October 13, 2016


Well, during this extremely intense time as we journey towards Samhain, the night when the veil is thinnest, Tom (Kaypacha) talks at us from under a lovely bamboo tree. The Moon has occulted Neptune in Pisces, tomorrow She moves into Aries, where she will square Mars, then Pluto, then She reaches Her full glory conjunct Uranus and Eres, in direct opposition to the Sun.

The Sun is squaring Pluto, and Mercury will come into a square with Pluto as Mercury squares Mars and is conjunct Pluto.

All of these alignments are bringing about the force of change and evolution. Everything is feeling very tight right now and will continue to until next Wednesday, when we will finally feel some relief. It’s like we’re in a pressure cooker.

This is also the time of the Great Attractor, which is at 14 degrees and 2 inches Sagittarius. And on 10/28 Saturn finally goes direct after being retrograde since January 31. The Sun and Mercury will be conjunct and sandwich Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio right around the time of the election, bringing so much shadow work. This is a shadow election, basically a joke. This shadow work has to do with projection and getting in touch with those fragmented , forgotten, unacceptable, buried, shameful parts of ourselves.

Kaypacha interjects at this point (and I am not transcribing verbatim, don’t have my transcription machine anymore, but do my best to summarize for myself and all who wish to read and watch an amazing astrologer) and lets us know we each can be our own astrologers and would be the best for ourselves. If we go to  astro.com we can get our charts done and then we can learn what house the planets are currently in, which will tell us how these cosmic energies are affecting each of us personality. It’s such a helpful tool, he wants everyone on Earth to learn astrology to help us get through these intense transformational times (without exploding).

The Great Attractor is near the Black Hole at the center of Sagittarius, drawing billions of stars into the hole. What’s going on right now with it brings the energies of inevitability, fate, a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, that of having no control, being thrown down the river. And with Uranus, the planet of transformation and electricity conjunct Eres, the Goddess of Discord we are seeing an expansion of consciousness. So we can grasp greater and greater meaning, understand our purposes, have broader circles of understanding.

When you feel sucked into everything, when you feel lost, when you lose focus, feel fear, it’s jolting and it wakes you up, wakes us all up!

For this is the time of the Great Awakening, and this upcoming year the Year of the End of Illusion. Jupiter in Libra will be opposing Uranus most of 2017. The snooze button is sounding, time to wake up, folks! We will be exploring our fears and desires, old patterns and programming, finding out what’s driving our bodies, our unconscious ego and our motives.


Saturn, the Lord of Karma, represents maturity, helping us to become aware of our own unique structure, future and goals. This is the time to focus on goals which are for the good of humanity, not just for personal needs. That’s one reason nonprofits are on the rise. Because it’s time to co-create, otherwise we’re screwed.

As for the election which is stirring up so much global anxiety and pressure, the shadow aspect here brings up those personal negative feelings and insecurities. We want to dress up and look good but we have our secrets we talk to no one about. But with this election, it’s well known that many many secrets are going on, along with many lies which are being spread and disguised as truth, as if none of us have minds at all. It’s rather mind boggling. So many oxymorons. I just have to laugh.

Saturn in Sagittarius says it is time to grow up. This is evolving time. We have to unite our mask with our inner self and master our identity, open up ourselves as channels. Other global events influenced by this aspect include finances, retirement and world collapse.

Despite all that, we must remain centered in light and soar – be here now.

Next week Mars conjunct Pluto which has to do with ambition, power, drive. And Uranus in Aries has to do with revolution, and it has already begun. May it remain peaceful! This also has to do with us using our righteous anger and deeper guts to tell people to get out of our faces when necessary, for we are being tested.

It’s important not to be afraid during these intense times. Be more intense! Find your intensity because we gotta wake up, take control and try not to overdo it, bot be an angry volcano. This Jupiter and Sun in Libra thing has to do with not putting up with too much or passing out too much. It’s all about balance. Momentous change. People power!!!! Personal power!!!! We are opening and blossoming like lotus flowers!

This week’s mantra: Behind the face I show the world, there is another me. The more these two unite as one, the more I’m truly free.

It takes a lot of energy to suppress secrets, so becoming honest and transparent is very liberating.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all connected.


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