Even as it appears more and more surreal every day, even though the government denied the Standing Rock Sioux injunction against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and North Dakota brought in militarized police from surrounding states to bully the water protectors, attempt to make up new laws in order to arrest activists, even though it appears as though Big Oil will win yet again, I will firmly stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and am so proud of their courage and tenacity!

And today, on a day which the country I live in chooses to honor a mass murderer named Cristobal Colon, otherwise known as Christopher Columbus, is the day that the government chooses to inflict yet another atrocity on the First American people of this land. And it’s happening everywhere!

I pray to Great Spirit to give assistance to the people, to the planet, for the water!


I believe in the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. The Indigenous people will lead the way into the Age of Aquarius!

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!!!!

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