Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul. September 29, 2016

Back in luscious Costa Rica,  Tom says the energies this weekend are beautiful. Tomorrow we have the New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra

This is all about the energy of balance, the difference between working too hard or not working enough. Partnerships and deeper relationships will be coming up over this next year. We may not go far enough in or we may lose control and become codependent. Then we can lose our creativity and become absorbed by the other. This is the dance we do – between embracing and running away from intimacy.

Mars is moving through Capricon which has to do with work, profession, reputation, accomplishment and partnership, we not me!

Venus moving through Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces brings beautiful energies this weekend. Sunday is a day of resolution and closure. We are between the Ages, and please don’t worry about the so called thirteenth sign. Barely has Oephichus a toe below the elliptical near the Scorpion’s tale. He is not on the zodiac and  astrology is not astronomy.

Uranus in Aries still and brings with it revolution. Let’s be sure to remain Love centered always.

The mantra this week: It’s time to bring some order and establish some control, for now I see it’s up to me, for I have heard the call.”


Chiron is channeling lots of spiritual energy which can come through more often if we can quiet our minds.


Namaste. Aloha. So much love.

Love and Light, Rainbow Blessings. My Chiron thing will be having surgery tomorrow morning at 10 – 09/30. Love, light and prayers are welcome and appreciated.






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