Kaypacha’s Pele Report! 09/22/16

Okay, first of all I kept checking til about midnight for the Pele Report last night and did not see it. Then I was super busy all day and just had the chance to check. Secondly, this week Tom is talking at us from a beautiful mystery location which can be revealed by reading the chart at the beginning of the report. Alas, my astrology skills are not to that level yet, working on it, though. It looks kinda like the Uinta mountains in Utah.

Thank God for Mercury going direct finally! With the Sun square Mars we have been hitting our heads against brick walls, moving faster than the Sun in Virgo wishes us to.

We have just reached the Autumnal Equinox, with equal day and equal night, with the Sun moving on into Libra, with the Moon in Cancer squaring the Sun and now Jupiter, which has thankfully moved into Libra after such a long year in Virgo. We are always 3/4 of the way through the quarters of the Moon.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces has to do with Neptune’s innocence, openness, without boundaries, open hearts, dreaming, flowing, and Saturn comes around and brings us back to this Third Dimensional reality where we have got to get that money into the bank. It’s all about Kronos, the Father of Time – keeping up with our schedules, heavy and demanding energy, asking what do we need to have done. What can we accomplish? Saturn also wants to stop Neptune, who is Nature – Saturn represents the Oil Companies and Mother Nature is taking a stand with Her defenders against this monstrous global attack currently going on.

Moon in Cancer is all about my needs, my desires, where I am with others, who the heck am I without them, see me, touch me, feel me please! The swing of the pendulum bringing us to the heart of our relationships, deep partnerships, where we smile and ask for favors and give favors, what can we do for each other. We want love and we want relationships – Venus in Scorpio brings a great deepening of this aspect of ourselves along with conjunct Black Moon Lilith, who guides us into the very depths of our souls.

The mantra this week: My challenge is to stay open, innocent and pure, while living a life that has struggle and strife, and I need to be tough, sharp and sure.

We need to keep our hearts open, balance the masculine and feminine, action and inaction, self indulgence and self sacrifice, addictive behaviors and rigidity. We gotta go with the flow, for real. Water is Life and we are Water!

Kaypacha is also known as Tom Lescher, and always relates so much more in such a soulful, easy to relate to way. I’m thankful for the Pele Report. I must admit I was freaking out a little bit until I watched it. Then everything inside of me and everywhere I see began to make sense again. Thank you Kaypacha! This woman is grateful. I’ll bet you go from 58,000 viewers to 100,000 by the end of this year, because this kind of growth is exponential. Great Ascension assistance!


Kaypacha’s farewell: Aloha. Namaste. So. Much. Love.

Kamea Moonmaiden’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. Om Shanti.


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