Happy Mabon!

May this portal between life and death, this turning of the seasons, bring you many blessings of love and light. May your harvests be bountiful! So many festivals going on! I love Fall – pumpkins, apple pies, goodies and Halloween. And cooler temperatures. Here in Oklahoma we can expect cooler than usual weather for the next week. And two days ago we had record breaking heat, lol. We have such erratic weather here.

Kaypacha hasn’t posted the Pele Report yet – should happen some time soon, and I will be sharing a summary as usual. Getting back to divination and crystal grids soon too – just kinda bit off more than I could chew for a while, working on being more organized and devoting myself to those activities at least once a week, for they are so healing and nourishing as well. Another project is going to be to record some of my poems set to music. And finish my first poetry book.

Just dropping in to say hello, had my steroid injection procedure yesterday, and all went well. Only a little sore, my good friends took care of me – I stayed over at their house last night. Finally getting the ovarian cyst issue taken care of next week – having surgery Friday to go ahead and remove my ovaries, that way this will never happen again. My surgeon is pregnant right now, and quite a compassionate doctor and certified in robotic surgery as well. It will only take a couple of weeks to recover from this – compared to months of pain already gone through that seems quite minimal. And my friends are so very supportive, both those who I encounter in 3D and my FB friends around the world. (And now WordPress blogosphere – I love you all!)

In the past two months have been able to do more massages than in the past year! Healing happens, even when it’s just inch by inch, so never give up! One of the things that helps a lot is coconut water.

Thank you for following my blog, my friends. I should be able to catch up a little here and there, filling in spare time with reading is so rewarding.

It’s so great that Mercury is direct again. That was an intense three week window. Whew!

Sunday we have our annual Groovefest celebration here in Norman. It’s hosted by Amnesty International and will feature nine hours of live music, human rights speakers and poetry, along with art displays, food vendors and lots of activities for the kids. It’s my favorite local festival here – Norman is known as the City of Festivals of Oklahoma. I love my town.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. May peace be with you. Please hold me in your hearts and prayers til after my surgery – I greatly appreciate it. I k ow God works through surgeons, and is always watching over us. Guiding us. Loving us. We are blessed.


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