Seeking that Peace,
the peace which passeth
all understanding,
seeking that Peace
and surrendering,
yet again,
the need to know
why things are
the way they are.

Knowing that Love
will lead the way,
for Love Always
leads the way,
and pain, pain
is here for a reason.

Pain is the body’s
alarm clock.
Sometimes when we hit
snooze too many times
the body doesn’t cease
screaming, begging
us to listen in
a timely fashion,
for these body temples
love to shine,
these body temples
adore being radiant.

I ignored my body
for far too long,
dwelt in my mind,
teleported myself
astrally back to my home
in the stars every day
since I was five.

Walls I would walk
into, for these eyes
saw them not,
focusing instead
on inner galaxies,
until the pain
of flesh and skull
against brick wall
brought me back
in an instant,
confused as to
why these bodies
seem unable to fly.

I’m back to surrendering,
back to more listening,
careful listening to
this body temple I dwell in,
for here presents yet
another challenge, or is it
really another opportunity
to learn not only how to
heal myself, but to help
others heal themselves.

Everything under the sun
happens for a reason.
Everything is temporary.
Surrendering is everything.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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