Kaypacha’s Pele Report, September 07, 2016

Today Tom is still back home in Costa Rica, and he guides us through a chart of the current planetary positions before talking at us.

With Mercury in Retrograde and Mars square Saturn and the Moon moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius earlier today, we have been through the wringer. After being squeezed past the solar eclipse with the New Moon in Virgo last week on the 1st, we are all dealing with so many challenges and crises. This is a time of personal, health, emotional relationship and financial crises. The whole world is going through this period of adjustment.

Mars is still conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and this aspect has a lot to do with honesty. This is all about getting to the nitty gritty of our integrity and recognize where we lie to ourselves and others.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury and squaring Mars all week, providing us with some crazy masculine energy. Friday, Jupiter finally leaves Virgo and enters Libra, bringing the astrological Year of Purification to a close and preparing us for the Year of The End of Illusion.

We’re at the end of the 2,000 year Pisces age and moving into the 2,000 year old Aquarian Age. This is why the possibility of Peace really does exist and it’s story has been written in the stars. We’re also at the end of 6,500 years of patriarchy, entering into a new age of equality and finally discovering what love is, what relationship is.

We’re going to be focusing on the needs of the many as opposed to the needs of the few. A level equal playing field. So despite the intensity of all these energy upgrades (and there has been a fierce geomagnetic storm going on the past few days really stirring things up, getting us in the places where we may have blocks). Really a time to learn to love ourselves, admit we’re not perfect, and work on ourselves as best we can.

The mantra: Having seen and felt what is wrong with me, and done all I can to improve,I now re-emerge onto the stage of life, time to step out and engage with you.


Namaste. Aloha. So much love.

Rainbow Blessings, dear hearts, having a tiny bit of my own health crisis but taking care of me. And did two massages today and included guided visualizations!!!! Quantum Healing style. Very cool. I always feel great when giving massages, can only do about two or three in a day like twice a week right now. But that’s a big improvement! And there is so much to write about! And learn! And experience! And laugh out loud and dance! My twenty year old son is just about engaged to be married to such a beautiful young woman! Yay! Glad heart times.


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