This journey called life
can be filled with
ups and downs.
I’ve seen more than one
miracle bring
smiles where
there were frowns.

Everyday miracles
we often fail to embrace,
the blooming of flowers,
the beating of hearts,
the loving of souls,
the passion of people

somehow holding this
world together

despite the wars,
despite pollution,
despite violence,
despite injustice.
We’re still here,
we’re still co-creating.

And those rare miracles,
I’ve seen of them a few.
My baby son’s life
spared against all odds,
prayers were many,
now he’s twenty,
a true loving soul is he.

I’ve seen a double rainbow
high in the desert mountains
of New Mexico
after praying and Ohming,
holding hands with thousands.
This double rainbow
like God talking to us
face to face.

I’ve seen the rain
reverse itself upon
Divine petition
mixed with the hearts
and minds of thousands,
gathered for love and music
in the prairies of Oklahoma.

And I’ve been walking
through mountains,
prairies and miracles
as long as I can remember.
Miracles become
so numerous
upon surrender.

And if you don’t believe
that miracles are true,
you’ve forgotten the
most amazing
is you.

© Kamea Moonmaiden


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