Sometimes I’m in the tropics
of my heart –
warm sandy beaches,
sunset luai gatherings,
hula dancers telling
ancient myths
with magical motions
while my love and I
dance in the shallow waves,
as the Moon gives us Her blessing.

Sometimes I’m in northern lands,
Michigan in the summer,
blue skies, rolling green hills,
clear brisk rivers,
Amish farms here and there,
that rainbow hammock for
my reading and writing
my favorite place
other than in his arms,
and the Sun gives us His blessing.

And sometimes I get stuck
in a frozen ice castle,
somewhere near the Arctic,
so many scattered shards
of what used to be my heart,
still putting the jigsaw
puzzle pieces together
bit by bit, with help,
and the Moon and the Sun
both give us their blessings,
and I feel the ice melting,
and I know Love will
navigate the way for us all.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Copyright 09/02/2016


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