Sunset Yoga at the Greens

Yoga class will most likely be starting half an hour earlier next week. We were blessed to have class today – feels great on a Tuesday evening. It’s so much easier to practice with a teacher leading! Last Thursday night a thunderstorm was going on to the north of us, giving a lovely light show and cool air along with ions. Tonight was nearly the same, but to a much lesser degree. Yoga on the lawn is a great experience. Perhaps I can convince my grandson to venture out there with me tomorrow evening. We can get the community yoga going right here, all ages welcome.

My youngest son was in a local sports radio show tonight- hopefully his dad will have recorded it so that I can listen as well. He’s going to be 18 in less than two weeks. My baby will be a legal adult. It’s hard to believe. Those years have just flown on by, way too quickly. This young man who now towers over me used to fit in my arms. Treasure the times when they are babies, dear hearts, for those times are fleeting. And to be cherished, so many precious moments to preserve in the heart forever.

Not such a bad start to good ole Mercury Retrograde. Must have something to do with the Moon being in Cancer the last few days. Since that’s my Sun sign, feel quite comfortable with this aspect. And when She travels on into Leo as well. We’re having cooler days than usual for August here in Oklahoma. Beautiful rainy days. Refreshing compared to other years.

Lots to process as Mars in Sagittarius urges us to stretch and go beyond what we previously thought of as our boundaries. Freedom lies within our open hearts and minds, always and forever we are free. Something we seem to have collectively forgotten and are now individually and collectively remembering.

May your Wednesday be filled with blessings of love, light and rainbows.


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